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WordPress Sales Page Themes
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Wordpress Sales Page Themes
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Includes Private Label Rights

I am not going to insult your intelligence by showing you graphics and screenshots of SEO search results for keywords like "wordpress sales page templates". By being here, you have proved that you are way smarter than that.

How about I just get right down to why you are here... Wordpress Sales Page Themes!

Not only can you sell this series of themes, you can use them yourself. They are all Wordpress 3.0+ ready and designed by someone that actually knows the ropes.

Each have a "clean" footer, meaning they are not encrypted. You can add your own information with ease. Once installed the footers are even editable in the dashboard.


NOT only will you be getting Wordpress themes, I have also included Blogger and HTML versions so you can target those markets also if desired.

You are getting 16 WP themes that are 3.0+ ready. Each of them have
an area in the footer to
place up to 4 widgets. These can be used
for many purposes. The themes that feature a "sidebar"
can also handle placements of widgets.




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