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The Space Invader
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The Space Invader
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This Guide Is So Devastatingly Effective That Myspace Threatened To Take Me To Court Over It!

        It's true...The Space Invader's Handbook is so effective that I got threatened with a court case! Not even a month after I originally released this ground breaking guide I got a C & D letter from the Myspace legal team...

Yes you read that right...this thing is so effective that Myspace themselves are worried about how much money the users can make...

Here are just a few of the exact secrets they didn't like:

  • How to get to the $100-$200 per day profit level within just a few days

  • The secret to expanding your profits by automating the friend adding process

  • Why smart users can fill even a brand new Myspace account with thousands of friends within a day.

  • The 6 best methods to start making regular money from Myspace as fast as possible.

  • Easy things to promote to make some quick cash...if you've already got a Myspace account you can cash in on this within minutes...

  • How to use Myspace to funnel tons of visitors to your website...whatever your niche

  • When Myspace can be an easy route to more Adsense clicks

  • How to fill a Myspace account with thousands of friends in just hours and make money from them immediately...you can use this technique to have even a brand new domain making money within 12 hours

        And that's not even just the highlights...that's a tiny percentage of what's on offer here. This thing is 117 pages long...that's 117 pages of pure money-making content. 

I'll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to earn hundreds of dollars a day using Myspace...think about it for a second...

Wouldn't a few hundred dollars a day make life a little easier for you? Let me tell you, bringing in your first few thousand really makes a difference in your life.

The day job is usually the first thing to go. Firing your boss is SWEET. It's something you'll never forget.

Then there's the new things you'll be able to afford. You'll never want for anything again. Your family will enjoy the finer things in life. Want sports cars? Buy them. Want video games? Buy them too. Heck, when you're making disposable income like this you can afford almost everything you've ever wanted...

And I'm willing to bet you'll absolutely love the feeling of providing more for your family too. What could be better than moving them to a better home, or into a nicer neighborhood? From my own experience, using the money I make online to move my family to an area with much less crime is one of the best things I ever did.

        That's what I'm giving you here...how you make the money isn't important, that's just details...the important part is that you're getting the power to take control of your LIFE for good.

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