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Software You Can Pirate - Site Keywords Revealer
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Software You Can Pirate - Site Keywords Revealer
BY: Fireball Software
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Includes Private Label Rights

Its a Sunday Afternoon. Your thinking about what niche website you want to build next, maybe your one of those people who has bought into the 1 year wordtracker account, maybe not.. Maybe you have but your picking all the wrong keyword phrases.

The Sun is shining outside and you really want to be out there but you know you have to bang out one more site. The thought of spending 30 mins to 5 hrs researching keywords for a new niche is enough to make you throw up your Sunday lunch...

Instead you head over to Yahoo.com and type in a keyword phrase for a new niche site.. and there in the top 20 sites is a directory site with more pages than you have time to look at. Each Page is a highly targeted keyword phrase. Right, time to launch the tool..

Within minutes... your now spidering in pages with unique highly targeted keyword phrases just ready to be revealed and used. Moments later you effortlessly click extract and watch it Remove the Unwanted URL leaving you with an easily manageable txt file full of thousands of keyword phrases. 

Manually selecting or writing down each keyword phrase could have easily taken hours if not days. Instead it took minutes! -- 

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