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Screensaver Maker Pro

Screensaver Maker Pro
Product Rights:
Includes Private Label Rights

    Feature List
  • 30-day trial with notification of days used

  • Easily add images to a list.

  • Re-order image list quickly.

  • Remove single images, or clear list and add a new folder of images.

  • Save and load settings for screensavers.

  • Use image list order or use a random order for image display.

  • Stretch images for display with no distortion, or use default image size.

  • Make custom screensaver versions for different screen sizes; ensuring the highest image quality.

  • Use image transitions such as slide, fade, blinds, and more.

  • Add locking options such as password, days to expire, or restrict the number of images until the user enters the password for the screensaver.

  • Add scrolling messages to display during the screensaver, or hide them after the user enters a password.

  • Include music and sound effects in your screensaver, you can loop the play list for continuous music play or just play it once.

  • Set branding options such as: Title, Author, Date, Website, and filename.

  • Set advanced branding options by adding Copyright name and date or adding a button on the configuration screen that links to your custom document.

  • Add custom about screen text, and even an additional about screen message that you can include extra advertising text, links, or other information to your users.

  • You can build the screensaver and save it to a file, or you can build an installer so you can distribute your screensaver to others.

  • Install your screensaver on your own computer easily.

  • Easy to understand help file is included with detailed instructions on how to create your screensavers.

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