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Sales Video Formula
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Sales Video Formula
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Sales Video Formula

"New Amazing Breakthrough Reveals Whopping Conversions In Sales & Leads... Now You Too Can Easily Create Your Own Hypnotic Sales Videos!"

"Goodbye to Long Hours Of Writing Your Own Direct Response Copy And Say Hello To Brand New Sales Video Formula..."
Step-by-Step Secrets to Churning Out Easy Sales Videos for Whopping Profits!

Sales Video Formula

Includes: Video, Audio & Transcripts

Sales Video Formula is a 3-part step-by-step digital course on how to create your own sales video from scratch - even if you are an absolute newbie to sales!

Here's What You Will Learn:

Module 01: Secret Elements of High Converting Sales Videos

  •  Discover the 4 'P's to successful sales video creation!
  •  A 5 step process to creating your own sales video
  •  Secret recipes and ingredients to making a super successful and highly captivating sales video – no need for special effects, bombastic English, yadda yadda…

Module 02: How to Create Your Sales Video in 5 Easy Steps

  • In this video, I show you how the technicals of creating your sales video without the need for costly software and hardware. Also I want to remind you that you don't have to be a pro voiceover talent to pull this off!

Module 03: Sales Video and Page Optimization

  •  The ideal length of sales video – it's been tested that any shorter and it produce mediocre results… and longer and it will snap your prospect's attention!
  •  Simple images and animations to boost your video sales optimization!
  •  How to increase your signups and sales through this Call-To-Action!
  •  And so much more!

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