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Email Opt-In Stampede

Email Opt-In Stampede
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Dear friend,

A few months ago one of my customers asked me a very interesting question. He asked me if there was a way he could build a large mailing list fast without actually spending his time, money and energy to build it himself.

At first I thought.. "How lazy is this guy?"

But the more I thought about his question the more excited I got. Imagine finally being able to create as many sizable mailing lists as you want without having to build them yourself. Most marketers would give anything to be able to do this.

The answer to this question was pretty obvious to me after about an hour even though I didn't really know how to implement it at the time. You see in the past I've seen expensive affiliate program scripts that reward affiliates for sending you subscribers. What I needed was the ability to create the same effect cheaply.

What I eventually discovered doesn't require you to have your own
products, your own affiliate program or an expensive script!

All you need is something you're probably already using.


You can actually use other people's products and other people's affiliate programs to build a large list of subscribers by getting dozens or hundreds of other marketers to promote your lists for free. You don't have to pay them anything. That's where other people's products and affiliate programs come into play.

At the time (even though I got excited) it wasn't clear to me just how incredible this idea actually is until I wrote it down in as much detail as I could.

The end result was shocking..

After a few hours of writing and editing I ended up with a tightly worded 40+-page report detailing exactly how you can put yourself in the category of some of the most recognized names in your chosen industry by getting thousands of dollars worth of free advertising and exposure every single week on complete autopilot.

Imagine dozens or hundreds of people actively sending you as many free leads as you can handle without you having to lift a finger or spend any of your own money!

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