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Ameer Salim's Install Scripts Videos Version 2
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Ameer Salim's Internet Marketing Basics Videos Version 2
BY: Ameer Salim
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Most marketing manuals teach you WHAT to do instead of showing you "How To Do"

I have heard the same questions over and over again from many newbies on how to setup their online business. Things like...

How do I register a domain name?
What the heck is 'DNS' and how do I change them?
How do I register a web hosting account and get my site set up?
How do I install popups on my website?
How can I let customers automatically download my product?
How do I set up an autoresponder?
How do I process my orders?
How do I setup my order links?
How can I upload files to my webpage?

In "Internet Marketing Basics Videos" you get a total of over four hours of exclusive coaching videos ... starting with the basics like registering a domian name, and going all the way through to tracking your Return Rate of Investment (R.O.I), branding your ebooks... and much more.

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