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1500 Marketing Strategies
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1500 Marketing Strategies
BY: Larry Dotson
Product Rights:
Includes Private Label Rights

Have you ever tried to write an article or information product from scratch? It can be a tedious and time consuming task for a beginner or even an expert writer. But why write your own business related articles or information products when you can own 1000 prewritten strategies that you can use to create your own articles or info-products in record time.

Even if you think you can't write a business article or information product, now you can! Why hire an expensive ghost writer or buy high-priced resell rights to other people's products when you can easily create your own original articles and information products? 

The best thing is that most of these marketing strategies are only around one paragraph in length BUT don't let their size fool you. You'll be able to combine many strategies together to create your own unique articles, reports, ebooks, etc. Or use them separately for small blog posts.

This is a 30 Volume set, each volume contains 50 Marketing Strategies, resell 1 at a time or resell them all in one huge package!

Important Note: Until March 1. 2008 these products only have Master Resell Rights!  After March 1, 2008 you have complete Private Label Rights! (see the license included in the files)


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