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How to Make Money From Traffic - Masters
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How to Make Money From Traffic - Masters
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Internet Marketer,

Once you have got the hang of monetization, it's easy. A few Adsense ads here, some affiliate programs there, but how do you really earn some serious cash from your websites?

How can you turn a 6 figure profit in just a few months?

How can you really capitalize on the potential value of your dormant and unused domains?

What should you do with those domains that are sitting around doing nothing?

With the How To Make Money From Traffic : Masters Edition you will be shown all this and more, including the incredible story of a website owner who made over $600,000 from their website in just nine months.

With in-depth, step by step videos, the Masters Edition will show you everything you ever needed to know to turn a serious profit, including some of the guru's closely guarded secrets.

Whereas you may know some of the ways to make money from your traffic, this video set plunges into the murky depths of serious money making strategies.

The How To Make Money From Traffic : Masters Edition will take you through very in-depth, advanced training on traffic monetization.

This is part 3 of the 3 part series.

Note: This is a very large download, 121.6MB, please use a download manager.

How to Make Money From Traffic - Advanced
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How to Make Money From Traffic - Advanced
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Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Internet Marketer,

You may have begun to monetize your website with Adsense and other advertising methods, but want to really unleash your website's earning potential.

Are you wondering about how to get adverts on to your website?

Where to find the best advertisers?

How to make even more money from your website than you are now?

The answer is almost in your hands, the How To Make Money From Traffic video course : Advanced Edition.

This in depth look at monetizing traffic will take you by the hand and guide you step by step through some advanced methods of making money from your websites.

You will look over my shoulder and watch as I find high paying programs to promote and share with you the best places to find these online goldmines.

The How To Make Money From Traffic Program : Advanced Edition will take you through even more advanced training on monetizing your website.

This is part 2 of the 3 part series.

Note: This is a very large download, 82.9MB, please use a download manager.

How to Make Money From Traffic - Beginners
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How to Make Money From Traffic - Beginners
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you have a website that is getting traffic but not earning as much as you would like, then you will feel that frustration. You go to all that hard work to build a site, send some traffic to it and then ... no income ... or worse ... just a little income. How frustrating is that?

If you've spent all that time building a website, then you want to at least earn something from it regularly. With a network of sites that earn money like clockwork you can quickly create a full time income.

The trick is how to monetize the traffic that your website gets.

The answer, has finally arrived in the form of the How To Make Money From Traffic video program.

As one of the most comprehensive video courses ever released, the beginners course wil guide you step by step through monetizing the traffic from your website.

Whereas you may be familiar with some of the main ways of generating an income from your website, the question is, do you know all the ways? Do you know some of the best ways to monetize your traffic which are revealed in this course?

The How To Make Money From Traffic beginners program will take you through complete training on how to monetize your traffic.

This is part 1 of the 3 part series.

Note: This is a very large download, 149.9MB, please use a download manager. You can download Download Accelerator Plus from the Free member downloads.

Membership Wholesaler Power Pack
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Membership Wholesaler Power Pack
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

60++ Fully Developed Niche Membership Sites That You Can Resell for 100% Profits WITHOUT Looking After Customer Support, Bandwidth, Content or Anything Else.

Just plug your Paypal Email Inside Our System, Start Selling Each or ALL Membership Sites, and You Get Your Profits Directly.

Here's what you get:

Your Own Lifetime Membership to ALL These 60++ Membership Sites!
Believe me these are GOOD! You'll not only want to keep reselling them for massive profits, you yourself will get a TON of value out of each of them.
Easy plug-and-play system
You can either upload our ready-made sales pages and 'thank you' pages to your own servers and bring your customers to the members area via a special access page; or...
You can just plug your Paypal email address into our system and promote just ONE referral link and each customer's payment will be sent directly to your own Paypal account! Or if you have any of the following payment gateways, you give your customers more options: 2Checkout.com, Clickbank, Authorize.net, etc. Easy!

Instant Access For Your New Members
As soon as your new member pays you, they get instant access to the membership area... Real-time!

100% Profit From Every Sale
You keep 100% of the membership fees. No royalties are paid to me or my company, all you do is pay a ONE OFF FEE and then you're set. Of course, there are charges from Paypal but that's given...

Rights to Build Your Own Affiliate Program
You can set up your own affiliate program and have other people sell memberships for you. (Optional but highly recommended!) You also get the affiliate program management feature of our system FREE OF CHARGE!

Flexible Sales Terms
Even if we designed a payment scheme, you are free to charge higher amounts from these membership sites. You decide how you want to sell the memberships. Monthly recurring, lifetime access with one-time fee, or premium offer.

Customized Thank You Page
After your customer pays you, they'll be sent to your thank you page that I create specifically for you. They sign up and gain access instantly.

Click Here to see the original sales page
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7 Deadly Mistakes
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7 DEADLY Webmaster Mistakes
BY:Billy Davis
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Click Here to Access the Reseller Package
Brand New Special Report With RE-Branding Rights!

Brand new special report details seven of the most dangerous mistakes you can make as a Webmaster AND how you can avoid them... Includes non-transferable Re-branding rights and Master resale / giveaway rights. Make up to $48.50 per sale!

Valentine Graphics Pack
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Valentine Graphics Pack
BY:Creative Niche Graphics
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you're looking for brand new website graphics at an affordable price that you can resell for 100% profit, then you have come to the right place!

Brand new from Creative Niche Graphics is this Valentine Graphics pack complete with Minisites, Wordpress themes, Affiliate Banners and extra graphics AND which comes complete with Master Resale Rights!

If you are looking to spice up your own website ready for Valentine's Day, have an affiliate program that you want to promote or just looking for something new to sell, this graphics pack is for you.

You get 5 Brand New Minisites, 5 Wordpress Themes, an Assortment of Affiliate Banners and Extra Website Graphics in this Pack!

You also get an assortment of .JPG's including blanks and .PNG's (transparencies) that you can open in any graphics program!  You also get the .PSD files (graphics flattened in accordance with the stock photo license) that you can use in Photoshop.

NOTE: This is another large download, 62.8MB, please use a download manager if you have a slow internet connection. If you don't have one you can get Download Accelerator Plus from the Free Member downloads!

Gift and Discount Certificate Templates
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Gift and Discount Certificate Templates
Product Rights:
Personal Use Only

Dear Friend

Here is another niceneasygraphics.com professional graphic product. Using these gift and discount certificate templates you can make your own gift and discount certificates, use them online or print and deliver them in less than a couple of a minutes. Its fast, easy and makes high quality certificates.

Buyers are on the constant look out for bargains and competition out there is tough. To attract more buyers you can use these gift and discount certificate templates and increase your customers. Selling your gift and discount certificates online is an important part of any sales strategy.

These Gift and Discount Certificates
can be used offline and online. You will be able to increase your sales and profits without any effort

Templates are ready to print and present instantly. Easy to customize and print gift certificate templates. Over 10 different template designs to choose from!

10 Video Skins
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10 Video Skins
Product Rights:
Includes Resell Rights

Dear Friend

If you want to ensure that your offers and promotions skyrocket in response then read on. For some time now, videos are becoming an essential part of your site sales pages. The Problem is that everyone is using same old boring style video interface. Make your site stand out from the rest of the crowd by using these beautifully professionally created Video Skins.

 -Use these skins on your sales page videos to attract more customers
- Use these Video skins on your Squeeze page to Get more Opt-in sign ups.
- Use them for your Promotion videos.

What is Included in this package:

  • 10 Video Skins in HTML ready to use - Just add video embeded code and upload files on your site.

  • Added original PSD Files if you know how to use Photoshop then you can make changes according to your needs.

13 Royalty Free Music Tracks
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13 Royalty Free Music Tracks
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Finally a way to tap into the music market without even knowing how to sing, hum or play any instrument.

These music tracks are custom written for a project but have never been used that's why we are offering the crazy low price on these 13+ audio tracks.

-Here are just a few ways you can use these tracks...

a Musical E-cards
a Music for screen savers
a Music for YouTube Videos
a Music for your next tele-class
a Music CDs
a Use them as background Sound for your own Videos or presentations
a Sell royalty free music on ebay
a You have complete control of these tracks

-More Information:

R Over 50 minutes of music tracks in various styles.
R These tracks are recorded in 192K 44.1K MP3 format all in one convenient ZIP file
R The individual tracks range in Length from 2 Minutes and 51 Seconds on the low end
R To 5 minutes and 25 seconds the longest.
R These tracks are typically 3 minutes to 4 minutes each.
R Complete Downloadable file is nearly 75 Megs of music.
NOTE: This is a very larger download (75.1MB) please use a download manager, if you need one you can get Download Accelerator Plus from the Free Member downloads!

Recurring Local Business Fortune

Recurring Local Business Fortune
Product Rights:
Includes Private Label Rights

This transcript and set of 10 videos will show you step by step, how to create and setup your own business by providing a valuable service to other businesses in your area.

Here's what's included: 

Video 1 discusses the first meeting with a perspective client (a small business owner) and the one crucial sentence that you should ALWAYS use to start the conversation.
Video 2 covers building a site for a local business. It's really easy to do, and I use a content management system (CMS) called WordPress to do it.
Videos 3 through 6 deal with customizing the site and taking it from looking like the typical WordPress blog that you get when you first install WordPress and turning it into something that looks, feels and acts like a regular website.
Video 7 covers the next step, which is to get the business and its website listed in the Google Local
Business Center/Google Maps.
Video 8 is going to briefly cover the best traffic source for your client's site.  
Video 9 covers how to setup your business in such a way that you create a recurring income that comes in month after month, rather than one shot
deals where you only get paid one time for creating a website for a local business.
Video 10 - summary: We've covered everything from the first conversation with your perspective client,all the way to setting things up in such a way that you'll getting a recurring income from each client.

Staying Motivated - Daily Rituals to Stay Motivated
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Staying Motivated - Daily Rituals to Stay Motivated
Product Rights:
Includes Private Label Rights

Dear Friend,

It is very common to find yourself stuck in a funk and not able to find the motivation deep within yourself to complete projects. This can be around the house or even at work. There are many ways you can motivate yourself and others. There are techniques you can practice on a daily basis that will help you get the motivation you need that can help you achieve certain goals in your life.

You might not have any goals set for yourself but you will be motivated to set these goals once you begin your motivational techniques.

You can be motivated and find the energy and the oomph you need to reach the goals you have always wanted

It is really easy to make it through the circumstances in your life. Find out what you need to do in order to get you off of the couch and moving again.  Learn daily things you can do that are so simple you will be surprised how excited you are. Add the excitement back in your life so you can begin to be successful and reach the goals you have always wanted to do.

You will find out that life is so easy and reaching your goals are too. If you didn’t set any goals before you will find you are now reaching goals and setting the highest expectations for yourself because you know you can be very successful. Learn the daily techniques you can practice on your own and positive ways to make use of your time so you can motivate yourself. Learn to make a positive experience throughout the day to day confrontations you have with people and as you are around others...

The Complete Guide to Finally Get Your Butt into Gear!

Last Minute Traveler
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Last Minute Traveler
Product Rights:
Includes Private Label Rights

Dear Friend,

If you still think that you have to pay higher prices for last minute travel deals, think again. No more higher prices on places that you want to go to at the spur of a moment. Maybe you’re bored and need to get away from your familiar surroundings. Or you just want to go somewhere and do some things that you’ve never done before. However, you feel that since this is a last minute effort, that you won’t have enough money to do it. Don’t despair, because those days are over. 

With a few tips and strategies, you can have the vacations of your dreams, even if it is at the last minute. These secrets shared in this report are a virtual goldmine. You will discover things that you never would have thought about doing if you wanted to travel at the last minute. Back in the day, you knew that if you were trying to go anywhere at the last minute that it would cost you an arm and a leg—just about double of the regular price.

You know the saying, “You have to pay for convenience”—well, it’s still true to a certain extent. Fortunately for you and many others, it doesn’t apply when looking to travel at the last minute. 

If you are one of those theater buffs that enjoy Broadway plays and shows, then you will be able to hop on a plane and jet to New York City within a matter of hours when you decide to go at the spur of the moment. Or how about the Caribbean, where you can enjoy the warm weather and be able to relax at a moment’s notice.

Procrastination can be a bad habit that is not easy to break. Just about everyone holds back on something that they need to do. Why? Most of the time it’s because they dread doing whatever it is they need to do. They can’t bring themselves to making themselves do whatever they are supposed to execute. With making plans for travel, it’s a different story. It actually turns into the opposite. You just would not believe how much money you would save if you booked your flight, hotel room and car rental at the last minute—it’s amazing.

In this report, you will discover the following:

Why flexibility is important for you to have in order to get these last minute travel deals. You can really take advantage of a lot of discounted offers this way. This report, Last Minute Traveler - How Procrastination Can Save You Money! will provide you with tips and other information on how you can take advantage of last minute travel deals without breaking the bank. Even if you are on a budget, you can still take advantage of some of these great deals.

Whether you’re looking for an exotic vacation, a ski resort, a beach resort or just going to see some museums or exhibits at the last minute, you can do it at a price that you can afford!

  • Five reasons why people like to get away at the last minute
  • What factors constitute last minute deals
  • Three things you should know about travel or booking agents
  • Four things that you need to know about booking a trip at the last minute

Getting a last minute travel deal may be your way out. It used to be that you had to get your ticket at least weeks or even months in advance in order to save money. Not anymore—with last minute travel deals, you can save a lot of money. That will help to put more money in your pocket when you do go on the trip. In fact, it’s encouraged that you wait until the last minute to shop for your deal. Airlines, hotels and car rentals are just waiting for people to come and grab up whatever is still available.

In this report, you will find out why that is so. You would be surprised what kind of bargains and discounts you would find only if you waited until the last minute to book your trip!

Credit Repair Strategies Revealed
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Credit Repair Strategies Revealed
Product Rights:
Includes Private Label Rights

Dear Frustrated Debtor,

Are you in a debt currently? and...

Would like to get out of your bad debt as quickly as possible with the right steps you always wanted to seek for?

Then please keep reading on...

yeah, it's that important...

In today's society becoming more and more business oriented, establishing and maintaining good credit is much critical if you plan to do any of the following:

  1. Apply for employment
  2. Rent an apartment
  3. Open a bank account
  4. Setup an account with public service or the telephone company

As we all know that building a credit history is seems to be more important in the modern living style, especially since the laws are changing. We are moving into a system that is making it difficult for us to get ahead unless we have excellent, or at most good credit history.

Credit is important to rent, obtain student loans, and apply for loans or credit cards, as well as getting jobs. Nowadays if you do not have a major credit card, it is nearly impossible to make purchases at some areas. Bad credit only leads to frustration and headaches we want to avoid.

If you have bad credit, you already know how difficult it is to reestablish a respect in society. Struggling down many roads, I know you have asked over in your mind, “How can I get out of debt?” The truth is we all have had bad times and some of are able to get back on our feet again quicker than others do.

Therefore, you are not alone in this fight to reestablish credit. Even rich people have filed bankruptcy, so do not think you are centered out from the rest of the world.

Repairing your credit can be difficult to do; however, when there are so many different situation, rules, regulations and rumors floating around. How can you know where to even get started to begin getting back your good name?

I had the same question just a few years ago. It seemed as if I was caught up in a never ending cycle. Between my student loans, my doctor bills, my regular financial obligations and all the other little things that seemed to creep up on me, I felt as though I just didn’t have a way out of the bad credit that seemed to be eating my live.

It seemed as though every day I received a collections notice in the mail or picked up the phone to hear from a bill collector. The strain and stress was really starting to take a toll on me.

Something had to change!

I knew I had to do something...

That’s when I decided I had to find out the right way to repair my credit. My dreams for the future were never going to happen if I didn’t get beyond my financial past. I knew I owed it to myself and my family to get a handle on this once and for all!

What I discovered completely changed my life!

How did I do it?

I would love to share my secrets with you and my new special report on credit repair does just that!

MS Vista Tips Video Series
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MS Vista Tips Video Series
Product Rights:
Personal Use Only

Note: This product was previously advertised with PLR rights. However, we discovered that NO ONE except the creator has PLR rights or even Master Resell Rights. If you see this advertised elsewhere with anything other than personal rights DON'T buy it!

Dear Fellow Computer User,

Your brand new computer running Windows Vista came out of the box running blazing fast and you were happy, I know I was... Then over a span of just a few months it started getting slower and slower. Mine even started to run a little warm!

Does this sound like your current situation, or maybe you upgraded to Vista and things are slower than expected? Not happy with the time it takes to do things?

You are not alone! Windows Vista is one robust operating system, which means that it is also a memory hog. This may not be a huge problem on a system that is loaded with memory, but it can really slow down a desktop or a laptop with minimum memory configuration.


Your System Can Benefit From This Video Tutorial
No Matter How Much Memory You Have Installed!

Here is a brief overview of some of the things you will learn in each of these four how-to video tutorials included in this series:

Get under the hood of Vista and turn off things you do not need or use
Using free software to fine tune and rid your system of any virus or spyware
Speed up your system with some easy to apply tune-up techniques
How to use a $10 USB drive to add more memory to your system
Keep your system operating faster for years to come with simple tweaks
Much, much more!


NOTE: This product is 67+MB do not try to download it without a download manager!  You can get Download Accelerator Plus in the Free Member Downloads


Membership Profits Primer
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Membership Profits Primer
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Dear online income seeker, please allow me to ask you these simple questions:

Are you looking for a business model that actually works?
Are you looking for a way to build a business that offers multiple streams of income so you’re never living paycheck to paycheck?
Are you ready to leave your 9-5 job and
be your own boss?

It’s time to take charge of your future

If you’ve been looking for ways to obtain financial freedom and stop worrying about paying your bills, your search is over! It’s time to stop working hard for just enough to get you by and start working smart so you can make your time and money work for you!

If you’ve ever looked at someone who is financially successful, with homes and cars of their own and a job they love, you might have wished you could be that person. How nice would it be to stop worrying about your finances and just know that everything will be taken care of?


It’s never been easier or more possible for you to make the kind of money that you’ve only dreamed of. You can take a membership website and build a business platform that gives you several streams of revenue daily – so you’ll never be without the money you want, need and deserve!

Is there such a thing as a “one size fits all” business model that works time and time again?


But the business plan outlined here comes as close as you can get! Successful people all over the world have used this exact business model to change their lives!


Membership Profits Primer

Photoshop Secrets
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Photoshop Secrets
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
You’re about to learn some of the secrets and tips to enhance your images, photos and other projects that you are trying to create and make look professional. First, you need to get rid of that software that you’ve been using for years. Besides, it can only do so much for you. A lot of the features that you need are not there. However, there is software that can really enhance your projects and blow them out of the water! Do you know what is is? Drum roll, please.......It’s Photoshop!

Photoshop is the number one graphics software that is used by many graphic designers and artists who want to get their projects just right. This graphics software has everything you need and more!

However, if you don’t know the secrets to getting your projects where you want them to be, then you’re a lost cause. Don’t fret, because it doesn’t have to stay that way. Here is a report that can take you from the beginning to some of the more advanced techniques and methods that you can use to enhance your images and photos. Just think, when your friends and family see your work, they will be more than amazed!

In order to get to that point, you will have to check out this report, “Photoshop Secrets (How To Get Great At Photoshop)” in order to find out the secrets to making your project look as good as the professionals.

Photoshop is not difficult to learn, and with a little practice, you can master it in no time. This report is full of information for you to use in order to get ahead of the game. So don’t waste another minute and go ahead and get this report now before it’s too late! Other people will have beaten you to the learning curve if you wait! You don’t want that, do you?

Turbo Power Graphics 2009
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Turbo Power Graphics 2009
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Right this very second, there could be a visitor on your website who is about to leave because your graphics are sloppy and unprofessional. You could be LOSING MONEY all because of the graphics which rest on your website!

That can all change today, though! With our amazing graphics package, your site will be sharp, attractive and professional – and you will never lose money because of your graphics again!

Research has proven that website visitors are directly affected by the visual aspects of a website. Your website is the first impression visitors get of you, your services or your products. If that impression isn’t good – you ARE LOSING MONEY!

Think about this – if you walked into a grocery store and it was filthy, with dust all over the place and hand-written signs everywhere – you would probably think twice before purchasing from that store.

However, if you walked into a gleaming and bright store, with neat, professional signs and organized merchandise – you’d have no problem shopping there, right? The same goes with your website. You want the visitor to stay and become a customer.

We’re going to ensure that you stop losing money today. Our graphics are top-notch, and we offer 10 different and unique graphics packages – all yours for one low price! Take a look at just what you receive.

 10 Main Sales Pages – unique and beautiful in basic design.
 10 Main Sales Pages with an Opt-In Header – allowing your visitors to quickly and easily leave their contact details while you build your subscriber list.
 10 Thank You Pages – letting your customers know you appreciate their order.
 10 One Time Offer or Special Offer Pages – so you can alert your customers to unique deals and savings or limited opportunities.
 10 Testimonial Boxes in basic design – so your customers will know the level of quality you provide and the level of happiness previous customers have experienced.
 10 Video Testimonial Boxes, beautifully designed and ready for your video testimonials.
 10 Audio and Photo Testimonial Boxes, ready for you to insert your pictures and testimonials of past customers
 10 Squeeze Pages in Basic Designs – all unique and beautiful.
 10 Squeeze Pages Featuring Audio Capabilities, ready for your voice over features.
 10 Squeeze Pages Featuring Video Capabilities so you can enter your introduction or other videos.
 10 Review Pages, allowing you to post reviews of your product so your visitors know the value.
 10 Adsense Ready Pages so you can paste your adsense codes with no problem at all.
10 Sets of Matching Trimmings – including bullets, checkmarks, ‘buy now’ buttons and the blank order buttons.

NOTE: This is a very large download (88+MB) please use a download manager, if you don't have one you can get "Download Accelerator Plus" from the Free member downloads!

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Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

"Now you can create a souped up membership download environment by utilizing one of the missing element that's not included in nearly
ALL membership software!

Powerful and Sleek AJAX based repository software
Auto Thumbnail generation make it simple to identify your files
Feather Light Weight interface with super fast response and no page refresh!
Folders Tree Navigation makes it intuitively easy for every user
Absolutely NO MYSQL configuration required!
Easy 3 steps installation.

Go Green ... Save Green at the Same Time!
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Go Green ... Save Green at the Same Time!
Product Rights:
Includes Private Label Rights

The Dalai Lama put it best when he said, "We have a responsibility to look after our planet. It is our only home."

Unfortunately, most Americans still think Kermit the Frog was right when he said, "It ain't easy being green." But Kermit wasn't talking about the environment - he's a frog, green in color, and besides, he isn't even real!

Our planet is warming up and many scientists believe we humans are the cause of the heat. This causes the Greenhouse Effect. And it just keeps getting hotter and hotter and hotter...

"As if that isn't enough, the whole globe is suffering an economic downturn like we've never known before."

Is there no hope?

There's plenty of hope. YOU can do something about it - and save some of your hard earned money too! Kermit the Frog was wrong - it's easy being green, and it's easy to save money at the same time!

This book saves you money and you can still be green...

WP - Padlock Pro
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WP - Padlock Pro
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Friend,

Let's face it, Wordpress Security & Optimization is confusing and tough! If you don't know how that is...  

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Guy (AzSno). Chances are you have not heard of me before. But when you finish reading this, you'll be glad you finally did."

If you’ve been struggling with Wordpress Security & Optimization, and want to know how to really Optimize and Secure your WP Blog's and Hard Earned revenue - then this is definitely the most important letter you will read today!

Here’s why:

At one point, I was struggling with Wordpress Security & Optimization myself and seemed to me like I would never get it right (and I'm a Former Security Engineer)...

All the information from the 'Gurus' only confused me more and more, until I finally decided to quit doing the wrong things and only focus on the things that really worked!

So, what you'll actually find in this report is the "tips, tricks, and techniques" that really work, and nothing more (All in High Definition Video)...

How much is Wordpress Security & Optimization worth to your business?

Could you imagine how would it be like if all your Wordpress Security & Optimization efforts were "newbie" simple to implement, and really produced the results you've been struggling for?

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you know how - and I'll show you exactly how in this report...

And it's not like any other report you've ever read on Wordpress Security & Optimization...All video's are recorded in HD and feature Wordpress 2.7


Simply, because everything in this report has been tried in real life and really works, period. I literally have 100's of Wordpress Blogs, and none have ever been "hacked"

Nothing could be easier!

Here are just a few of the many things you'll discover with the information in this report:

Simple ways to Optimize and "LOCK" down your Wordpress BLOG tighter than a "BANK" Vault!
I've included "ALL" of the Plugins I use to secure my Wordpress BLOG's Everyday! I'll show you how to upgrade your WP Blog to the latest version, even if your Hosting company doesn't have the "latest" WP upgrade...
All video Tutorial's are recorded in the industry-leading H.264 format using "High Definition"
Watch "all" video's using readily available Quicktime; no more FLASH "lag" and display problems!
I'll show you how to "Easily" solve two nagging problems that WP has, even with the "latest" revision...
I've included my WP-Padlock software script that makes "access" to your Blog by Hacker's nearly "impossible"
You'll receive Resale and Master Resale Rights to the "complete" package including WP-Padlock!

Please Note: This is a huge download!

It is 195MB, do not try to download this without a download manager. If you don't have one you can get Download Accelerator Plus in the Free Member downloads!

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