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123 Go Graphics
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123 Go Graphics
BY:kelly Ifrah
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Tired of finding yourself paying $50.00 to $99.00 per cover designed for your newest digital product? Don't want to wait another minute for your graphic designer to do the cover design work for you? Perhaps you want to do it yourself.

Or do you want to be in business designing covers for other people and rake in easy money? You can create covers for your clients the 123 Go Graphics way and earn whopping $50.00 to $99.00 fees per cover designed. And on top of that, you DON'T need to be superb at creating covers because you'll have a "system" all in place to do the work for you while you simply pont and click!

Lucrative, isn't it?

Then you must read the rest of this letter.

You see, digital products are created around the clock. This includes E-books, software, templates, videos, audios, and the such. Regardless of what niche these products are created for, they each need to dress to impress - especially if their creators want to make a killing by selling their products online.

You could also say that every digital product needs a "face" for their prospects to look at. This is true because since digital products cannot be touched, felt or smelled like their physical counter parts, the only thing that can make them attractive is their visual appearances.

While it's a given that a good sales letter plays a very critical role in selling a product, but if your digital product doesn't have a cover to appeal to your prospect, chances are still almost zero in selling to him or her. All in all, It's very hard to be convinced of something good that you cannot see.

And that's exactly how important having your own professional product cover is.

Sales Funnel Setup Videos
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Sales Funnel Setup Videos
Product Rights:
Includes Resell Rights
Dear Friend,

I'm sure you have purchased a product with some sort of resell rights attached to it.  The biggest problem in this case is you end up doing it again and again, and they end up on your computer, collecting dust, instead of being on your website collecting sales.  At least that's where it should be.

Don't know how to take the sales page and downloadable files that you are given and setup your sales page to sell?  No problem...read on.  You see...Automation is the key to making money while you sleep. You've heard many times how people are going to websites, buying products, and instantly downloading the products immediately after payment.

Well, as a resell rights product owner, wouldn't you want to make money 24/7 without having to send the files to every customer that buys through you?  By doing this, you make your customers happy and you free up more time.

Let me ask you a few questions...

  • Don't know how to edit a webpage...?

  • Don't know how to setup your download pages...?

  • Don't know how to connect your sales page to your payment processor?

  • Don't know how to upload your files to your website?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then you'll get those answers in this video series.

Introducing Sales Funnel Setup Video Series

This video series will show you how to take any resell rights or affiliate sales product, and set it up so that it is ready to sell.  After you view this video series, you'll be able to take those resell rights products you have collecting dust on your computer and turn them into automatic cash generating machines.

Here are the six videos with high quality content, but are simple for “any newbie”:

1)  Intro, Key elements, and Tools You Need
- In this video,  you will learn the main concepts you need to understand before we dive into automating our resell rights sales pages.  All the tools you will ever need in this video series are all free, assuming you have access to a resell rights product.

2) Getting Your Resell Rights Product Ready
- After you download your resell rights product, I will show you how to get it setup and ready so that when we setup the other parts, it will take less time.

3) Customizing Your Sales Page and Thank You Pages
- Customizing your SalesPage can be very quick.  Some resell rights products contain download pages, however some don't.  I will show you how to create your own download page, so whether or not you are provided with one, you will know how to customize your own.

4) How to Connect Your Download Page and Downloadable Files
- After you setup your download page, it's important to connect your download page to your downloadable files.  By doing this, when your customer clicks on the download link, they can download the files easily.  You will learn how to make it work on your computer before uploading it to your website, which will save you time.

5) How to Automate Your Sales With Paypal Buttons With Paypal Security
- By creating Paypal buttons, you can take the customer from the sales page, through your payment processor, and out to your download page quickly.  You will learn how to do all of that in this video.  This saves you time, because you'll never have to send the files to your customers after they pay, manually. 

6) How to Upload Files and Test to Ensure Your Sales Funnel Works...
- You may run the other way when you hear words like FTP, but in this video you will learn how to upload your files using either FTP or Cpanel's File Manager upload program.  Uploading files is not as hard as it sounds.  Testing that your sales funnel works ahead of time before you release it is very important, so you'll learn that as well.

So...with that said, don't walk, but run. Grab this now and push your business to the next level of success.

FormFilla Pro
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FormFilla Pro
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Just A Few Examples Of What FormFilla
Can Do For You Instantly!

Quotation request forms
If you are a service provider, the most crucial item for you is to allow your prospects to leave you information on what they need so that you can grab the specific information, then reply them with a quote for the service, that you will be rendering. Using emails and informing them of the type of details that you need is a thing of the past because with FormFiLLa, you're able to capture exactly what you need!

Feedback and contact forms
It's a sure must have and no questions about that! Why not let your customers contact you easily with a customized feedback or contact form!

Job application forms
Do you have job positions open? If not then you do need to outsource your projects from time to time right? Why not build a customized, laser targeted detailed form so that you can have the information you need before you decide on the candidates! And you can even let them upload their resumes with the handy file uploader!

File Uploader
Do you do freelance design or maybe you would like to have your customers upload stuffs so that you can review them later? With the file uploader feature you can have that and more!!

Coupon discount forms
Ask your prospects to fill up a form and while you capture their details and information, they get to have a discount just for doing that! A perfect win-win solution!

Pre-Qualifying Landing Pages
I am sure you have seen this before...remember those type of landing pages where they ask you a series of questions, only after clicking the submit button, you will get to see the sales copy? What it actually does is reinforce the prospect's position to buy through the rules of commitment and consistency! It also acts as a filtering process where only serious buyers proceed! With FormFiLLa doing this is a breeze!

Just take a look at the added options and features I have crammed into this system for you...

Spambot protection
Have no worries about spambots spamming your database! FormFiLLa comes with an option that allows you to enable CAPTCHA protection as easy as a single click!

Intuitive form manager
Using a centralized form management system allows you to view ALL your forms over different websites easily! It's designed to be non-cluttering and non confusing so that you can easily manage the results submitted by your visitors!

User friendly interface
It's simply impossible to get lost in this tested and tried system configured to get you set up fast and simple. No need to learn any web programming language.

Option to save to database or have 'em send to your email
You can choose to save it your database or send to your email without any any hassles! You can also choose to have the submissions sent to both your Database and your email address at the same time!

Form field validation
Implement a rule for the fields to be filled before submission with a single click of the mouse!

Neat desktop installer
Ultimately easy configuration with the desktop installer! Just a few steps and the script is configured. Then just upload it to your site and VOILA....FormFiLLa is ready for action!

Supports various field types
Choose and combine between 7 field types and customize your forms to collect the information you need!

Easily integrates with your current site's theme
Each form you create can adapt to your current website's theme! No restrictive CSS or coding, just pop the code into your web page and it's done!

File uploader
Allow your customers, prospects, visitors to upload files (any files) to your server and you can easily review it later!

Multiple forms on multiple websites on one single installation
You host the sites! No subscriptions! No multiple purchase for multiple websites! All forms easily stored on one centralized FormFiLLa location!

Absolutely no MySQL configuration required!
Don't you hate it to configure your MySQL and create a database for your scripts! What if you've already used up all MySQL Databases allowed by your web host? Well, with FormFiLLa, you can put all those worries aside because you can kiss any MySQL configs goodbye as FormFiLLa does not need one at all!

...Plus, So Much More Than Can Be Added Here!

Tiger Project Manager
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Tiger Project Manager
Product Rights:
Includes Resell Rights

"Now You Can Treat Your Business Like A Business And Increase Your Profits All At The Same Time."

If you are like me, then you know how many ideas and niches there are just waiting to give you loads of cash.  The problem is there isn’t enough time in the day to continue tapping these cash machines.   

Let’s face it, time is money.

 I finally developed my own easy management system that allows me to keep on top of several projects so easily it really makes life so much better.  The software that was developed was created to be as simple as possible giving even my father a chance to make money online.  Believe me, if my father can use this software than anyone can.

Let me introduce you to Tiger Project Manager.

Now you can add as many projects and project tasks you can think of.  See all projects and tasks on one screen giving you a bird’s eye view as well as the detail needed to complete those projects as fast as possible.  Get those projects out before a competitor beats you.

It doesn’t get any easier than this my friend. 

    • Manage unlimited projects.
    • Create unlimited project tasks for each project.
    • Keep track of project and project task by setting different statuses.
    • Use the many internet marketing task types built in.
    • View the task timeline keeping you on time and within budget to maximize your profits.
    • View project budget and timeline charts that can be saved in html, mht, pdf and excel.
    • View project task budgets and timelines that can be saved in html, mht, pdf and excel.

Tiger Article Rewriter
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Tiger Article Rewriter
Product Rights:
Includes Resell Rights

I knew I needed unique content and articles to make a successful business online.  I really didn’t want to spend the time researching and creating new content from scratch when I could be doing other pleasurable things like hanging out at the beach.  I decided to start buying private label content with the intention of rewriting it.

Once I purchased some private label articles, I found that I hated rewriting the articles.  Truthly, I found rewriting private label articles to be a major pain in the ***.  It took a long time and I was seriously bored.  I hated hiring other people to rewrite because it took time for me to train them in how I wanted the articles.

  • Fact 1:   Most people are lazy and will not take the time to use private label content correctly.
  • Fact 2:   Rewriting private label content is time consuming.
  • Fact 3:   Good quality content is crucial to being successful in internet marketing.
  • Fact 4:   Article spinners normally produce garbage non-readable content.
  • Fact 5:   You tend to go through a lot of rewriters when outsourcing making training a time consuming process.

I took my software and analyst skills to create a systematic approach to rewriting private label articles.  By creating a system to rewrite private label articles, you will be able to easily and quickly turn out original content that those search engines just love.  Think about the traffic you will get off of these articles just because they are quality and original.

Let me introduce you to my system.

This system makes training your outsourcing article writers a breeze.  You will never have to worry about going though a lot of writers again. Send them over your PLR articles, send them the software and tell them to watch the video.  Sit and wait for a truckload of articles and new content come to your inbox.  Submit those articles and watch your bank account get fat.  If you are really lazy like me, you will get those article rewriters to submit them to article directories and blogs for you, leaving your day to work on your sun tan.


"Reuse The Same Original Article In Many Ways To Create Loads Of Cash."


There are many ways to profit from private label articles. The key to making these articles profitable is rewriting them to make them unique. By using Tiger Article Rewriter, you can create multiple revisions of the original article at the same time allowing access to many profit streams. Think of the different profit streams that you can tap into when you start rewriting those articles. I can normally create 5 - 6 new versions in about 15 minutes or less using Tiger Article Rewriter. With that amount of fresh new content I can profit in several ways.

    • Add rewritten articles to your newsletters.
    • Submit more posts to your blog with unique content written from PLR articles.
    • Combine rewritten articles into a ebook for higher sales.
    • Pull hungry customers into your sales funnel by submitting to article directories.
    • Package articles together to sell to other internet marketers.
    • Create a autoresponder series with affiliate links from private label articles.


"Earn Fast Cash Now While You Build Your Internet Empire."


Cashflow is essential to business, especially growing your business. We all need money to pay for domains, graphics, sales pages, web hosting and so on. You can quickly and easily start making money now by rewriting articles for other marketers. Load up some private label articles, follow the easy steps outlined below and then you have unique, quality articles you can sell for fast cash.


"Tiger Article Rewriter makes unique content creation easy and fast in only a few steps."


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