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Easy PDF Maker
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Easy PDF Maker
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Here are a few things you can do with this easy to use software:
If you are anything like me you probably have private label products gathering dust on your hard drive. You can use to INSTANTLY make quality reports you can use to…,
(You might want to grab your highlighter and see how many of these powerful secrets you could apply right away):
Outright sell
Create Mouth Watering BAIT to Get People on Your List
Bribe People to Click on Your Affiliate Links
Establish Credibility
Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Field
Any One Of These Strategies Could
Literally Be Thousands of Dollars in Extra Commissions to You…
And this is just the tip of iceberg. Here's what else you can do with Easy PDF Maker
 Send the Perceived Value of Your E-zine Through the Roof
 Pass word protect your PDF’s  so thieves can’t steal your work by copying and pasting
Disable printing
Save books or articles in Word, RTF, Text or HTML
Edit Word, RTF, Text and HTML files
Add Hyperlinks to Your E-Books and Articles
Use As a Complete Fully Functional and Powerful Word Processor.

Easy to Use Time Management System to Make Your Business Run Like A Fine-Tuned Engine
Backup all Books, Articles, and Reminders all with just one click
Organize your reports, eBooks, articles and notes how ever you want and much more…

5 - 26 Page Niche Websites w/Bonuses
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5 - 26 Page Niche Websites w/Bonuses
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Every page of each site is already .php embedded with Clickbank, Amazon, and Adsense money makers. Paste your IDs into 2 simples files and upload - that's it!

These Fully Expanded 26-Page Niche Site Kits will give beginners a head start at establishing a profitable online presence. And for experienced VRE developers and online marketers - here are new and easy income streams to replace those that are drying up right now.

As a bonus you'll receive:

 25 Niche Templates to edit and use anyway you want

 20 WordPress themes with unrestricted Private Label Rights


Article Ideas Software
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Article Ideas Software
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Does your research for an average article look like this?...

1) Type in your keyword phrase to Google.

2) Visit many websites of the result.

3) Find useful pieces of text

4) Copy the text to Notepad. When the Notepad gets full, you step back and read the notes and ideas to brainstorm for an introduction. Then the rest of the article flows from there?

... So... Why Not Automate That?

This tool not only visits the first top 100 Google results for you, it doesn't waste your time with pieces of text with strictly commercial intent. It gives you relevant information, the meat. You just read that and write your article in your own words, or even copy pieces of text (copying one sentence from one site is not considered stealing content).

So What Are The Benefits Of Using This Software?
  • Reduce many hours of research down to a few minutes
  • Increase your output of fresh new articles by many times
  • Increase the productivity of your writing staff
  • Get more work done in less time Desktop software - nothing to install Easy to use - fully automated

Slide Up FX - Slide Up Ad Generator
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Slide Up FX - Slide Up Ad Generator
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

When you are cruising the internet and you run into a website you want info from, don’t you hate it when a popup occurs?

Even though you may have a popup blocker you still may end up getting them. What about hover ads? Some people just click the 'close' button to get rid of them. Or they may misfire and you end up with no hover ad.

Even if they do stay on the screen, you have to use your mouse to connect to the ad and type in what is required. This can be awkward to say the least.

I know, I have seen them as well. At first I didn’t like them, but in my marketing efforts I found myself using them.

I really had no choice until I discovered the answer. What I discovered changed the way I did marketing.

When I applied my new discovery to my own website, I noticed my opt-in list grew tremendously.

A New Way of Marketing

If you think about it, your ad is supposed to gather the attention of people with the goal of selling something. You have to connect with them in any way you can, but the way to do it must prove beneficial.

Your ad is meant to draw customers, not send them away or irritate them. This was happening to me initially when I used popup and hover ads.

But when I used my most recent discovery, I saw my opt-in list explode and my sales increase as much as 300% within three days!

What I discovered was a new way of marketing. This new way of marketing would end up becoming the cornerstone for getting people to join my list.

A Script to Produce Customizable Slide-Up Ads

What I created was a script that creates customizable slide-up ads. When I checked online to see if my invention was already done, I noticed someone else had created one like it, but theirs was way too slow and not really customizable.

I created one that was blazingly fast. In fact, here are the attributes of what my script can do:

- The script is lighting fast, competitor scripts are very slow
- The contents of the slide up ad can be completely customized
You can easily create your own unique templates
- No database is needed
- The slide ups are unobtrusive ads at the bottom of the browser
- The ads will not be blocked by popup blockers
- Can be used for any type of website, wordpress blog, joomla portals etc.

When I created the script, I made it so anyone without technical skills could customize it to work with their own, or any other website. This is a user-friendly system that made programming a breeze.

Customer Support System Made Easy
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Customer Support System Made Easy
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Dear Friend,

Enough is enough!

I have been getting hate emails from my prospects and customers because they accused me of not replying to their emails.

A few of them even asked for refund and tried to do a chargeback. They thought I was a scammer who had ripped them off their hard earned money and did not deliver the products to them.

The truth is I DID reply to ALL of their emails.

However, some of the emails did NOT reach the recipients' inboxes.

Sounds familiar?

This Is The REAL Situation That We Are Living In Right Now

Legitimate emails are wrongly getting blocked by spam filters.

Due to the overwhelming spam problems, ISPs and email service providers have been extremely tough on blocking spam emails.

It is good though BUT we are seeing now that even legitimate emails are wrongly being blocked.

Imagine this:

Customers swear and curse you because they claim that you do not send them the email download instructions.
Your prospects or potential buyers reach your site and they seem interested in your product. But before that, they need to confirm with you something so they ask you some questions. You reply all their emails BUT somehow the messages do not reach their inboxes. Guess what? LOST SALES! -- LOST THEIR TRUST ON YOU!

Imagine How Much Money You Have Lost

Surely you don't want to find yourself in that situation do you?

That is why you must NOT rely on emails. Instead you should use a customer support system so that messages are 'written and read' on the webpage instead of going through emails.

NOTE: This is a large download (130MB) please use a download manager! If your do not have one you can get Download Accelerator Plus in the Free Member downloads.

Traffic Heist
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Traffic Heist
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Dear Online Entrepreneur,

The one thing that we all want but can't always get, traffic.. or should I say "targeted traffic", the kind that brings in subscribers, customers, prospects.. and floods our bank accounts with endless payments.

Anyone can get regular ol' traffic.. just join a handful of "pay to click' communities and you'll have thousands of visitors crawling onto all corners of your site in just a few minutes.

The problem?

These people are paid to be there.. they aren't interested in anything you have to offer, and the only thing you'll end up accomplishing is having your hosting provider set a bandwidth limit on your account so that you're frozen in place, unable to do a thing.

Do you want traffic or do you want customers?

Think about it from a store owners perspective.. you open up shop and you have hundreds of window shoppers fumbling around your store, knocking things over, breaking things, using up all of your customer support resources.. you're so busy stumbling behind these customers, distracted by their nonsense that you end up ignoring the real customers who are lined up at the cash register, parcels and credit cards in hand.

If you are allowing your website to be promoted in such a meaningless way, you are doing the exact same thing.. literally leaving money on the table.

"Activate A Traffic Generation System That Will Sweep
Through Your Niche Markets And Pull In Thousands Of
Highly Targeted Customers, Instantly.."

Operation Affiliate Cash
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Operation Affiliate Cash
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered why certain marketers are able to shoot to the top of the Internet's "wall of fame", while others are struggling every single day just to make ends meet?

What separates them from the rest of us?

To be upfront with you, very little.. in fact, the only difference between those that succeed and those that fail are that one group follows an action plan, while the others fumble around unsure what to do next.

If you don't have a step by step blueprint that will lead you through a simple, yet critical task list so that you are able to set up high converting landing pages, websites or blogs, you are losing out on an incredible opportunity to finally rid yourself of the chains that keep you locked in place, unable to move forward.

I spent the better part of a year frantically trying to figure it out.. to unlock the code that was blocking my entry into the world of high paid super affiliates. I spent a lot of money and countless nights, scrambling to try this method.. that method, whatever I was led to believe would be my golden ticket into joining the ranks of the Internet's most wealthiest.

But NOTHING worked.

Months later, I was no further ahead than when I began, except a few thousand dollars in serious debt.. and then I experienced that kind of "aha!' moment that only hits you when you are at the bottom the wrung, desperate to either jump ship before you lose everything, or suck in that last breath of confidence to give it one final shot..

And thank God I did.

Within 7 days of trashing the bogus strategies that I had been using, and wiping my slate clean of all the garbage that cluttered up my hard drive (and head), I decided to take a new approach.. one that not only enabled me to replicate the success of the top super affiliates online but in many cases, leave them in my dust.. miles behind.

And now YOU will finally be able to experience what it's like to follow a proven formula for making incredible money in the affiliate marketing industry while ELIMINATING your chances at failing ever again!

No Hype.. No Nonsense.. No BS.

Affiliate Link Cloaker
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Click Here to Download
Affiliate Link Cloaker
BY:Mike Thorne
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Stop Losing Your Commissions To Thieves.Cloak Your Affiliate Links
With Affiliate Link Cloaker! Software Comes With Master Resell Rights.
A Custom Built Website Is Also Included.

How To Pull Money From Any Resell Rights Product
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How To Pull Money From Any Resell Rights Product
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Dear Friend,

If you’ve been struggling with how to really make it and send your online profits through the roof - then this is definitely the most important letter you will read today!

Show Me The Money?

Where were the stacks of money marketers were boasting you could make from resell rights products?, because I must have blinked and missed it, I wasn't seeing that at all.

No matter how hard I tried, how many expensive PPC campaigns I placed, how many articles I wrote, how many email and ezine ads I paid for, I just couldn't make money with resell rights products.  Why wouldn't they sell?, it should have been a no brainer as far as I was concerned.

To my surprise people avoided them like the plague.  Why?, I mean lots of others were selling them, surely they were raking in the piles of cash.  All those people couldn't be wrong.

The truth I found out later was that most people selling their resell rights products weren't seeing a penny either and it was because they were doing it all wrong and I was one of them.  It was the other 10% of clever resellers that were hoovering in the cash that we, the clueless other 90% was missing out on, and I wanted in.

No matter how many failed attempts at selling my resell rights products I didn't want to give up.  I knew that to turn my luck around I had to get a clue and figure out what I was doing wrong.  Obviously it was something I was doing and my pathetic Paypal balance proved it.

I went on a learning rampage.  I snatched up every ebook I could find and subscribed to every newsletter that would help me to solve the riddle of why I sucked at selling resell products.

From all the materials I purchased some had great information while others were crammed with filler and palmed off as a poor excuse for a product to get me to part with my money, and I did.  Looking back at those little mini reports they really had no idea what they were talking about.  The steps to properly resell information was flawed and obviously not tried and tested.

Most of the information I came across was often incomplete and scatty and the author assumed the reader had prior knowledge of the information leaving me frustrated and confused.

So no matter which rung of the ladder I'd climb onto I always seemed to be missing a step.  I would end up in the middle of a resell rights process without ever knowing how I got to that point in the first place.

My Math Teacher Was Right...

I once had a math teacher who taught that every expert in any field must first master the basics before they can master that field and it's true.  When you miss important steps it's difficult to move ahead because you need those foundations in order to progress.

What I found is each ebook only had part of the puzzle, what I wanted was a complete picture from A to Z that wouldn't leave me guessing and wondering what to do next.  Start here, then proceed to B all the way up to being profitable at Z.

There were so many information gaps that I had to try to fill myself so I retraced my steps back to the beginning and I researched to fill in the gaps of knowledge I was so desperately lacking.

What I Discovered...

I finally learned what I was doing wrong the whole time and why I wasn't making a penny.

Once I stopped blindly following the crowd like a sheep, the money began to flow.

I learned why it took me so long to take action and it was being overwhelmed by too much information that froze me dead in my tracks.  Once I found the right process and cut through all of the unecessary information everything became easy, like a lightbulb went off.

Once I figured out where to start each and every time, I took immediate action.

The process became predictable, I knew that if I found some great resell products with the potential to make money, they often would giving me a nice predictable income which gives me peace of mind in this economy.

Let Me Ask You This...

If all of the guesswork were removed and you knew for sure you could make money by using a proven system that delivers over and over again, would you use it?  Sure you would.

I know you're feeling as frustrated as I was, it's easy to when you don't know where to start, it's like drifting in the middle of the ocean without knowing which direction to go in.

Not now you won't.  I'm throwing you a compass and a map that will show you not only where to start but all the steps you need to be profiting wildly with resell rights products even if you never made money before.

Imagine just for a second what it would be like if all of your effrots really produced the results you've been struggling for

Sounds too good to be true?
Let me tell you it isn't and this ebook is going to prove it.

Easy Video Squeeze System
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Easy Video Squeeze System
Product Rights:
Includes Resell Rights
Dear Friend,
I'm sure by now you know that Video is hot as well as profitable. You've probably seen people sell Video Squeeze Page Templates, however you had no clue how to actually make one. So you know they are profitable, and there's a good market out there. 
So if there is a huge market but little suppliers; you can imagine how extremely profitable this can be for you! You see, that's because there isn't a lot of information in any digital form, on the Internet about how to create your own video squeeze page template
But that's all about to change. 

You do need Adobe ImageReady to create these templates, but think of how much money you will save or how much you can make by making these types of templates? 
In this video series, you'll have access to 6 content packed videos + one bonus video that will show you how to start creating your own customized video squeeze page templates. The video series was created so that it doesn't matter if you are scared of technology. If you follow this video series step by step, then you should have no problem at all. 
1) Software You need and Understanding how it all works:
There are several softwares that you will need to have as a requirement before you get started.   The main one is Adobe Imageready and the rest are free. It doesn't matter if you have an older version, because as long as you can slice, it's ok. You'll then learn what you'll need so that you can be ready to start creating your own video squeeze page templates easily in the future videos.
2) Understanding the ImageReady features
In addition to the video above, you will learn about the basic tools and features that you will use. Those are layers, transparency, slice tool, slice select tool, paint fill bucket and basic windows. Believe it or not, it doesn't get any easier than this. 
3) Action: Finding your video dimension and creating your template
Finding and knowing how big your video is going to be is necessary before you create your actual template. You see once we create the template, we will create a box that is of the same video dimensions as your video player so that it can easily fit. It doesn't matter if you use Youtube, your own flash player, or any other video hosting site. 
4) Putting it all together
Finally! The past 3 videos were to prepare you for this and from this type of technique, you will create your video squeeze page quickly. You'll learn how to use layers to mix your video with the pictures, add a title, and make it look nice.
5) Understanding Slicing, How to Slice, and Optimize Your Pages
Once you have your template created, you will need to slice it. If you don't know what slicing means, and you have Adobe ImageReady, then you will have no problems following this sub video. Once you slice your template, you can turn it into a HTML webpage and you'll learn just that here.
6) Add Your Video and Finalize Your Webpage
Great! By now you have HTML webpage, but wait; your video isn't on it and there is some tweaking to do. To clean things up, we'll use a free HTML editor and we'll add the video player to the page. You'll also learn how to edit your title tags to ensure your webpage is set for good Search Engine Optimization.
7) BONUS VIDEO: How to turn a Minisite template into a webpage
By now you will understand how to create a video squeeze page template and turn it into an actual webpage. But what about Minisite templates? How do you work with those? If you understood the concepts of the main video series, you should understand how to do it with minisites. However, we're not going to assume that. If you would like know how to do this, then this video will show you how to take a minisite design and turn it into a webpage as well.
So...with that said, grab your copy of the Easy Video Squeeze System while this is high in demand. Become a video squeeze page template creator and start raking in piles of cash.

Auto Blog Feeder
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Auto Blog Feeder
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

The Ultimate Automated Blog Solution Revealed!                               

Watch New Content Get Added To Your Blog Every Single Day, In Any Niche You Choose For The Next 8 Years, With Only 3 Mouse Clicks!

New "Set It And Forget It" Technology Automatically Drip Feeds Fresh New Content Into Your Blog For As Long As You Choose!

How Would You Like To Build The Biggest Blog In Your Niche With 3 Simple Clicks Of Your Mouse, Just One Time?

Do you dread creating content for your blog?

Does blogging seem like more of a laborious chore than you ever imagined it would be?

Would you like an easy way to fill up your blog with content on auto-pilot that you don't even have to write?

Maybe you'd like a tool that could automate and post all of your content on a schedule that YOU choose!

You're about to discover a very powerful and brand new breakthrough in blogging technology that can do just that!

Here's just some of what you'll be getting in the system...


No Tech Installation - You have never seen a web based product that installs as easy as this one does. In fact, even if you've never installed a script, you can install this to your Word Press blog.


Upload Text Files Simple - All you have to do to load content that is going to be published to your blog is upload text files with the content, articles or blog posts that you want published!


5 Second Use - Setting up content to be published at specific intervals for as long as you want and choosing the category takes literally seconds with this system even it it's 2,000 future blog posts!


Complete Automation For As Long As You Want - You can setup automation that allows you to set and forget your blog for as long as you want. I'm talking about setting your blog up for 5 years or more in advance if you want to!


Solid As Steel Operation - This application was coded with rock solid, streamlined code so that there isn't a bunch of crazy, out of whack files that make it run slow or clunky! It's rock solid and will withstand a beating!


Integration With The Best - This awesome tool integrates perfectly with your new and shiny Word Press 2.7 blogs in just a quick snap and pop installation!

50 Brand New Glossy Layer Styles
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50 Brand New Glossy Layer Styles
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Friend,

Looking for quality graphics tools? How about quality and unique Master Resale Rights products?

If so, you're in the right place because I just created a brand new set of awesome layer styles for Adobe Photoshop (can also be used with Photoshop Elements) that will instantly spice up all your text and graphics with a cool glassy look. AND I'm throwing in Master Resale Rights to this awesome product so you can sell it yourself for 100% profit.

The 50 layer styles I created:


The above layer styles can be applied to ANY Photoshop layer, not just text. So you can easily create things like order buttons, checkmarks, bullets, and all kinds of other graphics. You can pretty much turn ANY plain graphic into an awesome and shiny one. And this can be used for web AND print (300 DPI) graphics.

Product Creation Success Package
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Product Creation Success Package
BY:Joel Osborne
Product Rights:
Includes Private Label Master Resell Rights

You No Longer Have to Bow Down to Affiliate Product Owners Payment Schedule... Instead You Can Become Your Own Product Creator and Control Your Future Success!

Let me get right to the point here and ask you one question; Have you created your own product or service which is ready to be sold online, or which is maybe already selling?

If you answered "No" to that question, then I am sad to say that you are missing out on A LOT of money and a lot of security! I'm not trying to scare you, but I want you to understand just how important it is to your long term success that you have your own product for sale online.

  • Are you relying on other product owners to pay you commissions every month?
  • Do you anxiously wait and hope that you are paid for the pay per click advertising that you have on your websites?
  • What would happen if you lost all your search engine ranking for your article marketing websites which promote affiliate products?

I want to help you avoid these issues, and the many more that could happen at any time, leaving you high and dry with no where to go.

You are your own boss when you have your own product for sale!

It has never been so easy and quick to create your own product... in fact I want to show you how you can do that in about one week! That's right, in a week you can have your own product ready to sell online, which means that it can be ready to take orders and make you money!

The best part about this product creation process is that it doesn't have to be hard at all. I will show you how you can quickly research and find out exactly what your market wants and is willing to buy from you. Once you know what your potential customers are actually paying money for, all you have to do is offer them the solution to their problems or questions!

How to Make Money From Traffic - Masters
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How to Make Money From Traffic - Masters
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Internet Marketer,

Once you have got the hang of monetization, it's easy. A few Adsense ads here, some affiliate programs there, but how do you really earn some serious cash from your websites?

How can you turn a 6 figure profit in just a few months?

How can you really capitalize on the potential value of your dormant and unused domains?

What should you do with those domains that are sitting around doing nothing?

With the How To Make Money From Traffic : Masters Edition you will be shown all this and more, including the incredible story of a website owner who made over $600,000 from their website in just nine months.

With in-depth, step by step videos, the Masters Edition will show you everything you ever needed to know to turn a serious profit, including some of the guru's closely guarded secrets.

Whereas you may know some of the ways to make money from your traffic, this video set plunges into the murky depths of serious money making strategies.

The How To Make Money From Traffic : Masters Edition will take you through very in-depth, advanced training on traffic monetization.

This is part 3 of the 3 part series.

Note: This is a very large download, 121.6MB, please use a download manager.

How to Make Money From Traffic - Advanced
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How to Make Money From Traffic - Advanced
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Internet Marketer,

You may have begun to monetize your website with Adsense and other advertising methods, but want to really unleash your website's earning potential.

Are you wondering about how to get adverts on to your website?

Where to find the best advertisers?

How to make even more money from your website than you are now?

The answer is almost in your hands, the How To Make Money From Traffic video course : Advanced Edition.

This in depth look at monetizing traffic will take you by the hand and guide you step by step through some advanced methods of making money from your websites.

You will look over my shoulder and watch as I find high paying programs to promote and share with you the best places to find these online goldmines.

The How To Make Money From Traffic Program : Advanced Edition will take you through even more advanced training on monetizing your website.

This is part 2 of the 3 part series.

Note: This is a very large download, 82.9MB, please use a download manager.

How to Make Money From Traffic - Beginners
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How to Make Money From Traffic - Beginners
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you have a website that is getting traffic but not earning as much as you would like, then you will feel that frustration. You go to all that hard work to build a site, send some traffic to it and then ... no income ... or worse ... just a little income. How frustrating is that?

If you've spent all that time building a website, then you want to at least earn something from it regularly. With a network of sites that earn money like clockwork you can quickly create a full time income.

The trick is how to monetize the traffic that your website gets.

The answer, has finally arrived in the form of the How To Make Money From Traffic video program.

As one of the most comprehensive video courses ever released, the beginners course wil guide you step by step through monetizing the traffic from your website.

Whereas you may be familiar with some of the main ways of generating an income from your website, the question is, do you know all the ways? Do you know some of the best ways to monetize your traffic which are revealed in this course?

The How To Make Money From Traffic beginners program will take you through complete training on how to monetize your traffic.

This is part 1 of the 3 part series.

Note: This is a very large download, 149.9MB, please use a download manager. You can download Download Accelerator Plus from the Free member downloads.

7 Deadly Mistakes
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7 DEADLY Webmaster Mistakes
BY:Billy Davis
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Click Here to Access the Reseller Package
Brand New Special Report With RE-Branding Rights!

Brand new special report details seven of the most dangerous mistakes you can make as a Webmaster AND how you can avoid them... Includes non-transferable Re-branding rights and Master resale / giveaway rights. Make up to $48.50 per sale!

Valentine Graphics Pack
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Valentine Graphics Pack
BY:Creative Niche Graphics
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you're looking for brand new website graphics at an affordable price that you can resell for 100% profit, then you have come to the right place!

Brand new from Creative Niche Graphics is this Valentine Graphics pack complete with Minisites, Wordpress themes, Affiliate Banners and extra graphics AND which comes complete with Master Resale Rights!

If you are looking to spice up your own website ready for Valentine's Day, have an affiliate program that you want to promote or just looking for something new to sell, this graphics pack is for you.

You get 5 Brand New Minisites, 5 Wordpress Themes, an Assortment of Affiliate Banners and Extra Website Graphics in this Pack!

You also get an assortment of .JPG's including blanks and .PNG's (transparencies) that you can open in any graphics program!  You also get the .PSD files (graphics flattened in accordance with the stock photo license) that you can use in Photoshop.

NOTE: This is another large download, 62.8MB, please use a download manager if you have a slow internet connection. If you don't have one you can get Download Accelerator Plus from the Free Member downloads!

13 Royalty Free Music Tracks
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13 Royalty Free Music Tracks
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Finally a way to tap into the music market without even knowing how to sing, hum or play any instrument.

These music tracks are custom written for a project but have never been used that's why we are offering the crazy low price on these 13+ audio tracks.

-Here are just a few ways you can use these tracks...

a Musical E-cards
a Music for screen savers
a Music for YouTube Videos
a Music for your next tele-class
a Music CDs
a Use them as background Sound for your own Videos or presentations
a Sell royalty free music on ebay
a You have complete control of these tracks

-More Information:

R Over 50 minutes of music tracks in various styles.
R These tracks are recorded in 192K 44.1K MP3 format all in one convenient ZIP file
R The individual tracks range in Length from 2 Minutes and 51 Seconds on the low end
R To 5 minutes and 25 seconds the longest.
R These tracks are typically 3 minutes to 4 minutes each.
R Complete Downloadable file is nearly 75 Megs of music.
NOTE: This is a very larger download (75.1MB) please use a download manager, if you need one you can get Download Accelerator Plus from the Free Member downloads!

Membership Profits Primer
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Membership Profits Primer
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Dear online income seeker, please allow me to ask you these simple questions:

Are you looking for a business model that actually works?
Are you looking for a way to build a business that offers multiple streams of income so you’re never living paycheck to paycheck?
Are you ready to leave your 9-5 job and
be your own boss?

It’s time to take charge of your future

If you’ve been looking for ways to obtain financial freedom and stop worrying about paying your bills, your search is over! It’s time to stop working hard for just enough to get you by and start working smart so you can make your time and money work for you!

If you’ve ever looked at someone who is financially successful, with homes and cars of their own and a job they love, you might have wished you could be that person. How nice would it be to stop worrying about your finances and just know that everything will be taken care of?


It’s never been easier or more possible for you to make the kind of money that you’ve only dreamed of. You can take a membership website and build a business platform that gives you several streams of revenue daily – so you’ll never be without the money you want, need and deserve!

Is there such a thing as a “one size fits all” business model that works time and time again?


But the business plan outlined here comes as close as you can get! Successful people all over the world have used this exact business model to change their lives!


Membership Profits Primer

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