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WordPress Websites Secrets
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WordPress Websites Secrets
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Learn Why So Many Marketers Are Secretly Using Blogs
To Create Easy "Make In A Day" Static Websites

(Especially If You've Been Dreading Setting Up Your New Website)

In fact, that's one task you don't have to fear at all.

Perhaps you even know HTML, and have invested a serious amount of time in learning CSS.

But the fact is that web coding is changing faster than you can keep up with it - every day!

The good news is…

You really don't have to keep up with HTML, PHP, CSS and XHTML at all!

(For one thing, you're much too busy, spending every bit of spare time wrangling your internet marketing career.

The truth is…

You Just Don't Have Time To Mess Around
Making Little Columns Line Up!

You need to get those wagons rolling - yesterday!

So let me introduce you to a wonderful trick many top internet marketers know. (The ones who create hundreds of minisites, and have multiple business ventures in full swing at any given time.)

The truth is, you can take an afternoon to create an easy WordPress blog (and trust me - it will be easy, when I've shown you, step by step, how to do it!)

Then optimize it with easy, free one-click techniques - then convert all the interactive bits to static.


Do that - and you can look forward to instantly learning about:

blue arrow 2 traffic boosting reasons to go "WordPress" all the way

blue arrow The beauty of one-click widgets

blue arrow The power of plugins

blue arrow One click graphic insertion

blue arrow Where to find free WordPress Themes

blue arrow How easy WordPress is, when you use it as a Content Management System

blue arrow WordPress shortcuts – that make it even easier!


Domain Appraisal Site Script
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Domain Appraisal Site Script
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

"Domain Appraisal"

Full Source Code with Master Resale Rights!

"Sell Domain Appraisals - It's All Automatic!"

An expert evaluation of domain names is critical for those wanting to sell their domains. This automates the process. Good for both buyers and sellers of domains.

Video Search Website Script
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Video Search Website Script
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

"Video Search Site"

Full Source Code with Master Resale Rights!

"Run Your Own Video Sharing Site - Video Sharing Sites Are Hot!"

Here's your chance to create one of the hottest sites today. Build it for your own use or sell the software for others to build it. Saves a lot of time and expense. It would cost a fortune to have one built like this.

Monetize it with AdSense ads.

Product Review Website Script
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Product Review Website Script
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Product Review
Website Script


Review Sites Are An Excellent Way To Sell Products Through Affiliate Links


Easily build a product review directory that builds traffic to your affiliate deals while building credibility in your niche.


..WITH Master Resell Rights

Classified Ads Site Script
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Classified Ads Site Script
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Classified Advertising
Website Script


Classified ad sites are always popular. Here's how you can create one fast.


Monetize by charging others to place their ads or just build 'em and sell 'em or just sell the software to others.


..WITH Master Resell Rights

Warrior Tools Pocket-Sized Marketing Software
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Warrior Tools Pocket-Sized Marketing Software
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear marketer,

Stop hunting for Internet marketing software - it's a waste of your time!

   The truth is, most so-called "marketing software" out there are nothing more than over-hyped, over-priced junk.

   If you've spent a fortune collecting them, you'll understand what I mean.

   Internet marketing or SEO tools don't have to be expensive. In fact, on this page you'll be able to instantly download five awesome tools that will change your life forever.

  Here are the five "warrior" pocket tools you'll be able to download and use right away:

Pocket Tool #1 - Keyword Warrior

   Keyword research is the most vital aspect of any website you plan to create. Target the right keywords, and you'll making autopilot income for years to come. Get them wrong, and you're doomed right from the start!

   Keyword research tools can cost you up to $297 and yet they give you nothing but the same old junk keywords everyone else already knows about. Forget those unless you consider wasting money a form of "mental therapy"..

  Our "Keyword Warrior" tool does the same thing as 90% of keyword research software out there, plus more!


Pocket Tool #2 - Blog Warrior

   The second tool you're going to get today is something every blogger needs!

   If you have an type of blog, then you probably know by now that leaving comments (and your link) on other blogs is a sure-fire way of getting tons of traffic.

  The problem is trying to figure out exactly which blogs are worth your time. Generally speaking, only 20% of the blogs you regularly comment on contribute to more than 80% of your traffic..


Pocket Tool #3 - Affiliate Warrior

   Stop flaunting your "newbie" status if you're trying to make money from promoting affiliate products - cover up your affiliate links!

   Affiliate Warrior is a great tool you can use to create "cloaked" pages that hide the actual URL of the website, which loading and embedding your affiliate cookie in the background!


Pocket Tool #4 - Forum Warrior

   Ok maybe you're not that into forum marketing - but that's probably because doing it without a proper tool will drive you nuts.

   Forum Warrior is a neat tool that helps you save time and keep organized while switching between forums and building a huge amount of traffic to your website.


Pocket Tool #5 - Directory Warrior

   Did I hear you say "I need more links"?

   Directory submissions has always been, and will always be, a legitimate and low-cost method of getting valuable "one-way" links to your website.

   The more you get, the more Google will love you and reward you with top 10 rankings.

   However, just like forum marketing, submitting your website to tons of web directories can put a damper on your hope of making fast money online.

   With Directory Warrior however, you can easily manage your submissions to more than 200 free (or paid) directories!


7 Day Profits System
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7 Day Profits System
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer,

 This is going to read like a black and white newspaper.


 Because this system is so amazing, its going to make headlines.

 Incredibly...you are first in line and in position to discover secrets only a handful of people on the Internet know... ohhh... ahhh

 Secrets that up until now, haven't been shared with anyone... Forget about anything you've ever read or seen on how to make money online. New ground is about to be broken and breakthrough secrets will be revealed that will change the way you make money online forever.

 Pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink and mark your calender. This will be a day that you remember for the rest of your life. You will know exactly where you were and what you were doing when the bomb was dropped that leveled the Internet Marketing industry as we know it........

250+  Wordpress Plugins
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250+ Wordpress Plugins
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Wordpress Blogger,

Did you believe that by just having a Wordpress blog will give you profits?
While I agree that the basic installation of Wordpress is easy and you don’t need to know anything of html, php css etc but you need extra special plugins to unleash the profit potential lurking in your Wordpress blog waiting to be released.
And here is a bunch of such Wordpress plugins. Free!

"This is an easy-to-use, no-nonsense set of 250+ solutions that makes your WordPress blog a super power with deadly effectiveness -- ALL done for free!"

Here are some things that these plugins can do for you.

  • Make Your Blog Stand Out Heads & Shoulders Above Others: Throw your sickening old designs out of the window and radically transform the look and feel of your blog with the plugins mentioned here.

  • Turbo power your blog with special tools and skyrocket your profits: One glance through this guide will make it amply clear that your WordPress blogs has the potential to perform 100 times better than its present state now.

  • Re-Strategize your business plan: Again, by looking at some of these free plugins will fill your head with a surge of exciting new ideas! Ideas that can make your Wordpress blog a truly cash emitting diode.

  • Monetize Your Wordpress Blog Instantly: Convert your blog into cash-cow with Adsense, clickbank product commission, Amazon Commission, Chitika commission, software store commissions, your own products, your other affiliate program etc on the fly!

  • Automate & De-Stress Yourself: Some of the plugins are especially useful to reducing your 'hand-work' to the bare minimum and makes managing your Wordpress blogs a pleasure!

And here's how the whole plugins are arranged for you.

  • All 250+ Plugins neatly arranged into categories for you to easily spot and pick the one that you want. For e.g.
    1. Admin Plugins
    2. Improving the Blog Layout
    3. Spam Control Plugins
    4. Search Engine Optimization Plugins
    5. Money Making Plugins
    6. Web 2.O Marketing Plugins
    7. Email and Other Marketing Tools
    8. Navigation, Search and Post
    9. Pictures, Video, Audio and Media
    10. Statistics and Tracking

  • Explanations given to each of the 250 Plugins so that you can identify what it is at  a glance.

So as you can see, without a doubt, this is the latest, the most comprehensive & authoritative collection of super-powerful WordPress plugins available on the entire Internet.  Every Wordpress blogger including newbie, experienced, and veteran marketers will find this resource extremely profitable and useful.

The Arbitrage No Sales System
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The Arbitrage No Sales System
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

I’ve created a cash generation system that’s designed to send floods of cash straight into your bank account, quickly and easily, without selling anything.

That’s why I called it the ‘Arbitrage No Sales System’.

The ‘Arbitrage No Sales System’ works by tapping into alternative money making resources that you won’t hear about from anyone else.

The real beauty of all this is:

  • You don’t need to sell a darn thing.

  • You don’t need to answer any e-mails from annoyed customers.

  • You don’t even need to maintain the system. Seriously, once it’s set up, it’ll make you money without requiring your attention.

  • You don’t need big e-mail lists. That’s right, you don’t need to send out e-mails to make money. That would be selling stuff. This is a real ‘no sales system’.

  • It’s quick and easy. In fact, it’s almost like instant cash flow.

  • All in all, if you can read and write, then you’re qualified to make money with this revolutionary system.

Stop for a moment and let this sink in…

You don’t need any special skills at all to use this system!   All you need to be able to do is to read and write. Anyone can do this.

rv Life Wave of the Future ebook
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RV Life Wave of the Future
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Traveling Cross-Country And Stopping At Various Parks
Along The Way Is A Wonderful Adventure!
Are You Dreaming Of The RV/Motorhome Lifestyle?
I'm Guessing You Are Frustrated By The TON Of Information Out There!
It's Time To Settle In And Get Down To The Real Info!

"Well Then, NOW Is The Time To Get
Down To Some Details On
How You Can Get Not Just The "RV Basics" But Everything You Need...

** To Discover
The Recreational Vehicle
Of Your Dreams! **

Here's A Step-By-Step Plan To Get
A Proper Mindset And ALL The Info
You Need So You Can Make The
Most Exciting Travel And/Or Living Solution Of Your Life, Fast"

**We Repeat: FAST!**



You are absolutely in the right place at the right time...

HOWEVER!!! Putting All The Parts & Pieces In Place
Sometimes Can Truly Be A Challenge - So, Relax,
Grab A Cuppa Java Or Your Favorite Drink...
You Are Well On Your Way To "Firing Up Your Engine On Your New RV!"
  Today You Will Learn Everything You Need To Know About

“RV” Can Mean A Lot Of Things – Which One Is Right For You?

The term “recreational vehicle” or RV usually calls to mind a motorhome, perhaps a Winnebago brand, specifically. It’s a large vehicle in which the living space and the driver’s seat are all part of the same structure, rather than having the “car” part towing the “living” part. Many people, especially retirees, live in motorhomes full-time, touring the country and enjoying their mobile lifestyle. RV parks have sprouted up all over the country, offering traveling recreational vehicle enthusiasts a place to stop and rest, hook up to electrical posts, and even use the Internet.

  ** AND ** You Will Develop A Proven Plan To Follow...
For Your Motorhome Purchase, For Your RV Way Of Living!  


I know you are thinking, "How can I get started...TODAY?"

What does this mean for you?

Some Peace Of Mind, Some Gladness In Your Heart...
And The Knowledge That You Are Succeeding With
One Of The Biggest Challenges To Modern Society...
Living WHERE You Choose And Being Free As A Bird!

Awesome News For
Your Heart's Desire To Join Happy RVers On The Open Road, Right?

SO! What Are You Waiting For?!

Today’s motorhomes or recreational vehicles have all the comforts of home. If your wallet can afford it, they come with plasma TVs, washers and dryers, ceramic tile floors, granite countertops, and with spaces that are professionally designed.

When you are considering the purchase of a new motorhome there are some of the same considerations you have when purchasing a new car. Remember, a dealer can take advantage of an uneducated customer. Do your homework. Know how much you should be paying before you visit the dealership. Ask to see the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for the vehicle. Remember, dealers receive nice incentives from manufacturers, so they have a 15% to 35% mark-up. A lot of dealers are your best friends while you’re buying the motorhome. Once they’ve sold you the motorhome they don’t want to be bothered.

An RV hire also grants you the freedom to see your chosen destination at your own pace, rather than being at the mercy of group tours. You can choose your own places of interest, map your own itinerary, and function on your own schedule. Bus and train schedules mean nothing to do when you’re at the wheel of an RV. Want to spend a few extra hours at a location you hadn’t expected to find interesting? No problem. Your vehicle and mobile hotel room are ready to go when you are. So, if you’re thinking of taking a scenic road trip, consider using an RV. Hire one for this vacation and you might find yourself buying one in the future.

Above all, REMEMBER... This does not have to be a HIGH COST decision! You can get into RVing in a 34 foot used Class A motorhome for under $10,000.

But SERIOUSLY... Are you a bit concerned that you cannot do this? Do you worry that you don't know enough about the RV industry, overall... or aren't confident enough to take on some step-by-step projects that would make even a used RV, a real solution for you?


Think For One Moment What The Information In This Book Will Do
For Your Self Confidence and Actual "MOTORHOME-SAVVY" Abilities,
Once You Realize That You Don't Have to Be a College Professor
In Order to Make Your Plans For Independence, And
Put Your New RV, Belongings, And Family In A Superior Place!
This May Very Well Provide You That Extra Inch Of Security,
To Face The Oncoming Economic Challenges!

You’ll Be An Expert In "I OWN This Home AND MY SOUL, And Nobody Can Take It Away 101" in NO TIME AT ALL. YOU have the ability to take the necessary steps to create a sane, peaceful LIFESTYLE, from your corner of the world, and to do this very patiently and with growing skill and knowledge, which will help you in these very tough times. Choosing the best RV, products, and actions are really pretty simple processes, especially once you have learned the step-by-step basics.


EZ Ebook Templates Version 9
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EZ Ebook Templates Version 9
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Hello Friend,

The consensus is in....People love EZ Ebook Templates!

They love using them. And, they love how 'E-Z' it is to generate professional looking PDF ebooks or special reports without all the brain-busting work involved trying to churn out new designs themselves.

Many others have tried to duplicate what we do, but fall just a wee bit short when it comes to striking design layouts. And with our newest collection, finding the right design is but a few mouse clicks away!

This All New EZ Ebook Template Package Truly Is The One Product You Need To Start Stylizing Your Drab & Dreary
Ebooks Into Beautiful Works Of Art. . .
Without All The Hard Work!

To quickly recap, here's what you'll receive today when you download your EZ Ebook Template Package. . . . 

4 Pre-Formatted .ODT Ebook Templates For Use In OpenOffice Writer

*NEW!* - Each Ebook Template Comes With Its Very Own Sample Resell Rights Page And Legal Disclaimers Page, So That's 2 Extra Pages Inside!

*NEW!* - Each Ebook Template Comes With A New Pre-Formated Table of Contents Using The 'Indexes/Tables' Attribute

All Extra Graphics In Either .PSD and .JPG Format That Are Used Inside The Ebook Template Designs

Full Master Resale Rights To The Entire EZ Ebook Template Package

1 Sales Page, 1 Thank You Page, 1 Legal Disclaimers Page, And All Necessary Updated Graphics For Reselling

EZ Ebook Templates Version 8
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EZ Ebook Templates Version 8
Product Rights:
Includes Private Label Master Resell Rights

Okay, here's the "buzz"....

There's been some feedback about the EZ Ebook Templates Packages lately from them storming across the marketplace like a wild beast.

People are loving them.

In fact, they've been coined "the next trend" by some. And we couldn't be more thrilled about it!

But, and you knew that was coming didn't you, there's been a tiny little back-lash regarding the designs.

There's just something about adding waaaaaay too much color that makes the designs, well, less desirable to a few folks.

So, we came up with the perfect solution....

Creating a package that includes the best of both worlds....Stunning color templates and 'perfect for white paper' designs.

And, we came up with 3 brand new styles.

All different.

Wait! You Don't Know What OpenOffice Is? Let Alone What An 'Ebook Template' Specifically Designed For Use With It Is??

Uh Oh!

You've never heard of OpenOffice Writer before?


You're kidding me, right?


Okay, then let me tell you. . . . .

If You Can Use Microsoft Word, Then You Can Most Definitely Use OpenOffice Writer!

Plus, it's a FREE solution to MS Word.

Okay. Fine.

But, what if you don't even know what either of the two previously mentioned programs are?

What if you've been simply using Notepad to write up your content?

Can I ask you a serious question?


You can do so much more with OpenOffice Writer than a simple text tool it's mind blowing. Really!

If you DON'T have OpenOffice Writer installed on your system, then get on over to www.OpenOffice.org and get to downloading their suite of tools.

EZ Ebook Templates Volume 1 Updated
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EZ Ebook Templates Volume 1 Updated
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Hello Friend,

Isn't it amazing that such a wonderful piece of free software such as OpenOffice Writer lacks in an extremely important area. . . .

You know, like, um, offering at least ONE ebook template?!?

I'll tell ya, I was in the same boat you probably find yourself in right now. Searching high and low just to find one reliable source for a quality OpenOffice Writer Ebook Template. Even if it cost me something, I didn't care, I just knew I needed one to cut down on my workload.

I mean, c'mon. It's tough enough coming up with new ebook ideas to write about, let alone compiling them too!

Imagine how much easier it would be to simply open up a pre-formatted .ODT file inside OpenOffice Writer, replace some example text with your content, and hit the "Make PDF" button.

Even just one Ooo Writer ebook template would be appreciated, wouldn't it?

What if you could have 6?

6? Can that be true? You can hardly even find one decent ebook template for OpenOffice Writer, how can you give me 6 different templates to use???!

I can. I have them. And now I'm letting you have them too.

Right here. Right now.

Here's what you'll receive today when you decide to download your EZ Ebook Template Package. . . .

 6 Pre-Formatted .ODT Ebook Templates For Use In OpenOffice Writer - *Updated Versions of All 6!*

*NEW!* - Each Ebook Template Comes With Its Very Own Sample Resell Rights Page And Legal Disclaimers Page, So That's 2 Extra Pages Inside!

*NEW!* - Each Ebook Template Comes With A New Pre-Formated Table of Contents Using The 'Indexes/Tables' Attribute

All Extra Graphics In Either .PSD and .JPG Format That Are Used Inside The Ebook Template Designs

*NEW!* - A 100+ Page PDF Instructional Guide That Will Teach You How To Do Everything With Your EZ Ebook Templates

*NEW!* - 23+ Minutes of Video Tutorials In Both .AVI and .SWF (Flash) Formats, Showing Exactly How To Begin Using Your EZ Ebook Template Collection To Your Full Advantage

Full Master Resale Rights To The Entire EZ Ebook Template Package

1 Sales Page, 1 Thank You Page, 1 Legal Disclaimers Page, And All Necessary Updated Graphics For Reselling

Instant Membership Site Creator V3.2
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Instant Membership Site Creator V3.2
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Are you Looking for an Easy Solution to Create a Password Protected Membership Site ?


Forget all Complicated Membership Scripts!  No more Script Installation, uploading and setup.  Instant Membership Site Creator is an easy to use Tool to create Password Protected Membership Websites. You can create any number of Membership Sites without any experience in programming and script installation. No complicated database setup and manual chmod settings are necessary any more to create Members only private site. Just fill-up a simple form and press the "Create Your Membership Site" Button, and your membership site will be ready within 60 Seconds literally.


Main Features of Instant Membership Site Creator

This software will create membership sites with the following features:-

  • Creates a Password protect members only folder in your website.

  • Creates Signup Forms for your customers to create membership account.

  • Works with multiple payment processors (ClickBank, Paypal etc) to collect membership access fee.

  • Includes a system to create unique user ID and password for all members.

  • Provides an easy to use Admin Control panel to manage your members.

  • Add all new members into your AutoResponder (Aweber, GetResponse etc.) System.

  • Advanced Search Option to search members UserID, Email, Receipt number, IP address etc.

  • Clickbank customers purchase' details will be automatically added to the database

  • Paypal customers' transaction details will be added to the database

  • Easy to use Admin Setup page to modify system variables.

  • An option to add your One-Time-Offers (OTO) to the welcome page

  • Provides a lost password retrieval utility for your members to retrieve their forgotten login details.

  • Creates Difficult to guess Signup Page URLs and Database names for extra security

  • Provides details on Data backup and signup page settings in the System Settings page.

  • Desktop tool with built-in Tutorial and help.

  • Works in Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, ME, 2000 and 98 OS.

How to Create a membership site in 3 easy steps?


Step:1  Launch the Program


Double-click on the icon to launch the program.



Step:2  Fill up a simple form


You have to type certain details in a form as given below:-



Enter your website address, web hosting login details, members folder, membership script location, name, email, admin password etc.  Details of each field has been given in the tutorial, so filling-up the form is not a big deal.


Step:3  Click on a Button


Click on the 'Create Your Membership Site' button and the system will start creating your membership site and install necessary files to your website.  Within 60 seconds, your membership site will be ready and you will be forwarded to the following page:-



Is it complicated ?  Absolutely not.  Your membership site is ready.  Now you can upload the content for members into the password protected folder as specified in the tutorial.  Your Membership site users will be able to access the content only with their unique user ID and password.

Aweber Unleased Videos
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Aweber Unleased Videos
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Marketer,

Every person who makes a living online will tell you that when It comes to making money in internet marketing your greatest asset is YOUR LIST! But almost as valuable as your list is YOUR TIME!

That's why I was thrilled this week when I added 356 people to one list, 274 to another, transferred 8 from one list to another, and sent 4 emails to a combined 3,125 people all in one day without ever logging into my Aweber account!

You see, Aweber is the undisputed, most powerful auto responder available to serious marketers. Yet most who pay their monthly fee for this service either let their account sit and collect "Virtual Dust" (thinking that some day it will magically spring into action and build a massive list for them) or they use only the very basic services and never take full advantage of this simple yet incredibly powerful tool!

So I have put together a series of 14 detailed videos that will show you how to UNLEASH the full abilities of Aweber!

Twitter Treasure Chest
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Twitter Treasure Chest
Product Rights:
Includes Resell Rights
Dear Friend,

Are you on Twitter yet? Surely an opportunity such as this cannot be missed!

Twitter is a global phenomenon that is growing every second of every day, with millions of people eagerly awaiting your messages. All your messages are funneled straight into their page and they don't even have to click to read them, so you never have to worry about email open rates again!

There are people in every niche imaginable out there, while researching this book I tried to find one that wouldn't be on there, I thought 'crochet' wouldn't be on there, boy was I wrong! After 8 pages of results I got bored and stopped, people are talking about anything and everything and if you can tap into their conversation and provide them with a good enough reason then you can:

Flood Your Website With Twitter Traffic!

Introducing 'Twitter Treasure Chest'

Twitter is here to stay and the smart marketers are all jumping on board for their slice of the pie, look for all the big names in any industry and they are all on Twitter.

What does that tell you?

It tells me that if all the people who are pulling down huge incomes online are jumping on this trend then I sure as hell had better get on board now while things are still this easy to get traffic and followers! I've uncovered devastating methods of Twitter domination that can have you at the head of a hoard of hungry followers who hang on your every word.

Forget list building, this is list building on steroids, where people login every day just to see what you are up to and what cool things you are going to introduce them to today.

Meanwhile I have a whole chapter dedicated to 'stealth' techniques that mean you can look like a hero when really you are shamelessly pulling in affiliate commissions from all the traffic that you are getting!

Auto Launch End Pagemaker
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Auto Launch End Pagemaker
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

How many times have you pass a salespage saying that the offer will end tonight at 12AM?
Or have you set up such a page?

Which ever ways, these are usually just words to make the visitor buy your product. However when your visitors visit the same page a few days later, they will be told that the SAME offer will end that night...like again?

Do you that by doing so, you are actually losing their trust! They will then know that you always have something up, so the next time you play the same game, they will just turn away because they know they can get the SAME offer any time. They wont fall for the same trick again! They are not stupid, neither are you.

Some possible reasons for setting up that tricks are:

  • Not sure when to end it
  • Afraid you could not change the page on time
  • You are ignorant of your customers' intelligence

Auto-Launch-End Pagemaker - It will really end your sales
for you on time as specified!!


Let's talk about launching your sales.

Have you ever wanted to have a prelaunch offer? Do you want to tell your prospect the actual launch date? Do you want to make an offer that no one can refuse because the sales WILL end?

Or if you do not want to auto launch or end your sales, then maybe you would like to make it frenzy!

Like for an example you have a very unique and high value product that you want to sell:
On 10th June - You sell it for $6
On 12th June - You sell it for $10
15th June onwards - It will cost $23

Well, with auto-launch-end maker, you can! And it is all automated!


There are many ways you can do with this incredible program!
How about limiting the number of sales?

Example: Let's limit the special price of $6 for the first 20, the $10 for the next 20 and the original price for the others.(see the illustration below)



Do this easily with Auto-Launch-End Pagemaker!

Template Mania Vol. 1
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Template Mania Vol. 1
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

I've just released a brand new minisites and squeeze video templates package, designed to solve that aggravating problem of creating a great looking minisite or sales page, or video squeeze page, without all the graphic design headaches.


Template Mania! vol. 1

These minisite and squeeze video templates are designed to be easy to edit, great looking and help you get a professional looking page up and running in no time.

In these times of financial uncertainty, you need an edge. Why shell out big bucks for graphic design for a minisite or a squeeze video page, when I've done the work for you already? All you need to do is easy editing and - wham! You've got a brand spanking new, great looking minisite, sales page or squeeze video page!

Sounds great doesn't it? But hey, you want to know what's in this package, right? So let's dig in...

Here's What You Get in This Package...

Template Set #1 : 7 Template Themes (including Blanks) in 6 Colors - 42 Total Templates!.

Template Set #2 : 1 Simple Template Design in 5 Colors - Total of 5 Simple Templates.

Blank Header and Footers in .jpg and .png formats, for easy editing in your favorite graphics editor!

Video Squeeze Templates Set #1 : 4 Themes - Free Gift, Free Membership, Free Report and Free Video - in 5 Colors - Total of 20 Video Squeeze Templates!

Video Squeeze Templates Set #2 : Same as set #1, except the corner graphic displays different text - Total of 20 Video Squeeze Templates!

Master Template Graphics for all the Video Squeeze Templates, in .png format - so you can add your own graphics to them - slice them as you need, to truly customize the templates for your use!

PLUS - A couple of cool bonuses! (more about the bonuses later).

That's 87 Stunning Templates, Plus Blank Graphics and .png Masters of the Video Squeeze Templates and a Cool Bonus Package Too!

Affiliate Profits Blueprint
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Affiliate Profits Blueprint Videos
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Did you know there is a group of people online quietly earning a six or seven figure incomes as highly paid affiliate marketers, each and every year?

Did you also know that you could be selling products for companies with reputations like Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, BlockBuster and on and on -- and get paid fast cash commissions from them too?

And all of this in your spare time from the desk your computer is on?

Yes... and you can do this through Affiliate Marketing, THE premier way to generate a fortune online, from the comfort of your own home.

There are hundreds of thousands of products you could promote as an affiliate -- and you could begin making money as soon as today, even if you have zero experience, no list, no product, and even no web site of your own!

Whether you are brand new to Internet Marketing or an experienced marketer looking to expand your earnings from backend products, you need to read every word of this very important letter!

Picture What Your Life Will Be As A Highly Paid Affiliate Marketer, Working From Your Own Home!

Imagine waking up tomorrow -- not to the sound of some annoying alarm clock that screams at you to get out of bed and get to work...

Rather, imagine waking up whenever you're rested enough to pop out of bed on your own...

Ready to take on the day and all that it offers!

Now picture yourself strolling to the kitchen and grabbing a cup of coffee, tea, or morning juice before walking the 20 feet to your comfortable home office.

Next, you turn on your computer and begin logging into your accounts, smiling wide as you find that you have been selling like mad, even while asleep.

Hundreds of dollars in commissions came in just since you went to bed!

Sound like some wild fantasy? Oh -- it's much more than that -- in fact, this could be YOUR reality very soon too!

This is a very large download (150MB) be sure to use a download manager!

Affiliate Video Brander
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Affiliate Video Brander
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

This is NOT just another web page telling you that "video is hot".

I know that you ALREADY know that, so I won’t waste your time trying to convince you of something you are well aware of...

However, what I have to show you about video is very different than what you’ve been told and it will change how you think about marketing with video from this point on.

It’s not your fault, but you’ve been leaving commissions on the table unknowingly and I have to break some news to you that’s a little shocking...

Affiliate Marketers Have Been Kept Out-of-the-Loop
And Prevented From Prospering With Online Video!

You heard me correctly...

Up to this point, video has been for the makers of the videos who control them and show them to put money into their own pockets -- only.

I'm sure you've seen videos embedded on sales pages, or linked from them. Those videos were created by the product vendors to promote and/or demonstrate their products, BUT as an affiliate you could not use those videos as a marketing tool BECAUSE there was no way to make sales commissions directly from them.

That one important element was left out of the video puzzle for some reason. There was no concrete way for you to refer a sale by simply showing a video - UNTIL NOW.

In the marketing world, a lot of videos are still being used as "testimonials or talking head presentations" up to this point...

But that's not nearly the full potential of using online video - not even close.

In fact, our market tests prove that using targeted video pages helps focus the viewer 100% on the message and the content.

Your Video Powered Commissions Are Waiting!

Are you ready to stake your claim in the lucrative growing market of online video?

But wait a minute...

Maybe you already know how time-consuming it is to create your own videos, and the product vendors who create videos only show them for their own use (not for their affiliates!).

Up to now you were correct in thinking just that, and your only choices were to invest a lot of time and money in learning to run expensive video tools...

OR just plain lose out on this monumental opportunity all together...

But with Affiliate Video Brander, huge video powered commissions await you... and you DON'T even have to create your own videos or mess with difficult Flash files or HTML programs, BECAUSE all you have to do is click a few buttons and our software does the rest.

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