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Insider Forex Secrets
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Insider Forex Secrets
Product Rights:
Personal Use Only

With Insider Forex Secrets I will show you exactly how the banks and other successful people use the forex market to achieve greatness in the currency exchange market.

When starting any business venture you should always follow a proven plan never take anyone’s word for it. I have spent tons of money perfecting this guide so that you too can enjoy doing the things you love to do without worry.

Most mistakes Forex traders make are….

Not knowing when to cut your losses! Never make things worst on yourself.

Trading on feelings not going by the rules!

Overtrading is a BIG one!

I will show you how to avoid these mistakes like the plague to maximize your profits on a daily basis. If you jump right in without a plan it's a recipe for disaster...

It may all sound complicated but don't worry --


The secret of the Forex market that almost all of traders miss...and how you can leverage the secrets to surpass other traders...


How to follow the market and know when to trade to gain the most….


I will show you how to target the gaps in the market to rise above all other market traders!


This is the complete blueprint to earning a six figure income minimum from the
comfort of your own home...

Oh, guess what...there is much more….

You don't have to deal with the learning headaches. That's why I developed "Insider Forex Secrets.” It's all there -- step-by-step and easy to understand.

Successful Birthday Parties for Kids
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Successful Birthday Parties for Kids
BY:Julie Stone
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights


"Successful Birthday Parties for Kids!"

Everyone wants their child to have a fantastic birthday party and be able to take those memories with them throughout life. “Successful Birthday Parties for Kids!” will give you all the tools need to accomplish this plus more. Anyone who values a child loves this book. It makes a great present for an expectant mother or any one who does any planning for children’s birthday parties.

But best yet, all of the book can be easily used in planning for any kind of child party, Valentines, Halloween, Easter, slumber parties, summer pool parties, whatever the occasion! These useful tips and guidelines will have party planning something you look forward to, rather then dread.

Included, you will get simple to follow lists that will help you:

1) Stay on track!

Included is a great time lined checklist telling you exactly when is the best time to send out invitations, order the cake or bake it, buy décor online, set up games, best party times, and much more.

2) Not forgetting anything!

Also included is a BEST Birthday Party Ever shopping list that will ensure if followed, that come the day of the big event nothing will have been overlooked.

I am sure there are fancier hardbacks out there on the market with big colorful pictures and lavish looking cakes and whatnots in between the pages, however the information you will get inside of “Successful Birthday Parties for Kids!” is practical information that anyone can use.

This guide is not marketed towards the rich or the poor, it is marketed for anyone who wants to be able to throw a fantastic birthday party for their child, not go broke doing so, and make that day the most special day of your child’s life.

Atomic Backlinking
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Atomic Backlinking
Product Rights:
Personal Use Only

"Atomic Back-Linking!"Contains The Vital Information You Must Have To Generate Huge Amounts
Of Wealth Quickly And Easily!

Inside this incredible guide is the complete and comprehensive information you need to make insane amounts of money using backlinks:

  • What backlinks are and what they can do for you...

  • How to decide which types of backlinks to use and how to combine them for maximum profits...

  • Entirely unique and innovative ways to create backlinks in some of the most valuable web landscapes out there...

This is just a taste of the important information available only in this ebook. Only "Atomic Back-Linking!" has everything you need to know, laid out in an easy step by step format so you can get started making huge profits immediately!

Now, of course there are tons of books, how-to manuals, and articles out there, all written by people who claim to have the "true secret" to generating insane amounts of money. The problem is, NONE of them will show you the real, simple information you need to start creating profitable backlinks right from the start!

Due to licensing restrictions we can only offer personal rights to our members, however if you would like Master Resell Rights you can purchase them from the Shopping Cart link

Product Profits Club Silver Membership
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Product Profits Club Silver Membership
Product Rights:
Personal Use Only

Dear Friend,

You want to make money. A lot of it.

So what are your choices?

  1. You could invest your money to make more money. But do you have $100,000 to spare? And can you risk losing it? If not, then cross this idea off your list.

  2. You could become a freelancer. But if you trade your time for dollars, then your income is capped by the number of hours you work. That’s no good.

  3. You could become an affiliate marketer. Instead of being the product creator who has thousands of affiliates putting money in his pocket, you’re just one of the affiliates… competing against thousands of others. Yikes, there must be an easier way.

Listen, I could rattle off a long list of ways to make money online and off. But let me cut to the chase...

If You Don't Have Your Own Product, Then You're Leaving a Gigantic Stack of Money on the Table!

Fortunately, creating your own product is a lot easier than you think.

That's why I created Product Profits Club and this report and video for you. In just moments, you'll discover -- how you too can create your own best selling product!

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn:

You'll find out five surefire ways to find out what your market wants to buy - do this, and you're almost guaranteed a steady income!

You'll find out what kind of product you should create to put the biggest profits in your pocket!

You'll discover how to instantly increase the perceived value of ANY product! (Hint: That means you can charge more!)

Plus you'll discover which three factors affect the perceived value of your product the most!

PLR content - is it really a money maker or is someone pulling the wool over your eyes? At last you'll learn the TRUTH!

You'll find out the three questions you need to ask yourself before you decide whether to create your product or outsource (the answer might surprise you)!

And more - once you view this video and report, you'll finally know how to create best selling products. You may even start imagining your own early retirement!

Best of all, you get it all if you act now...

3 Halloween Templates WP and HTML
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3 Halloween Templates - WP and HTML
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

These templates come in both WordPress and .html format

Graphics For Halloween II
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Graphics For Halloween II
BY:Julie Stone
Product Rights:
Personal Use Only

You get 7 Minisites with Design Template in PSD included (graphics flattened in accordance with the stock photo License) PLUS the blank JPG files so that you can insert your own text even if you do not have Photoshop!
You get 7 Matching Wordpress Templates!
You get 7 Matching Blogger Templates!
A selection of matching website graphics is also included in .PNG (transparent) format!
A set of affiliate banners in .PSD (graphics flattened in accordance with the stock photo License) and also blank .JPG files so you can add your own text even if you do not have Photoshop!


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YouTube Video Marketing Secrets
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YouTube Video Marketing Secrets
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

This Video Series Features:

  • A Collection of 22 Professionally Recorded Videos-This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know about creating, optimizing, and submitting videos.
  • The Importance of Video Marketing- Before you actually start video marketing, you need to understand why it is so important.
  • The Power of Keyword Research- If you aren't creating videos that are focused on specific keywords, you are literally taking a stab in the dark at achieving natural search engine rankings. Let me show you how to perform effective keyword research.
  • The Components of a Great Video - What your video needs to have for it to be successful.
  • How to Create a Professional Looking Video with Programs you can Get For Free- I will take you step-by-step through creating a professional video using programs that you will already have or can be downloaded for no cost (as long as you have windows running).
  • Where to Submit Your Video- I will show you the best places on the internet where you need to be submitting your videos to get the best outcome.
  • How to Make a Successful Optimized Video Submission- I will show you exactly what you need to be putting in your submissions to have them optimized, so they can rank well.
  • YouTube "Tricks" You Can Do- I will show you some things I do to help my video get noticed on YouTube.
  • Additional Promotional Ideas- I will show you some additional ways you can get valuable backlinks and gain exposure for your videos.
  • How to Automate Your Video Submissions- I will show you what software/programs I recommend for easy video submissions (including one fantastic resource that I personally use that shoots your video to 20 of the top sites for just a dollar a submission!).

Power Marketers Club Silver Membership
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Power Marketers Club Silver Membership
Product Rights:
Personal Use Only

Dear Business Builder,

What separates the wealthy and successful business owner from the wannabes?

One word: Mindset.

Think about it...

You can place the exact same business information and tools into the hands of two people. One will go on to make millions of dollars and enjoy massive success. The other person doesn't even make enough with his business to pay the rent.

What's the difference between these two business people? Mindset.

But here's the thing...



In fact, you probably grew up hearing negative, anti-success and anti-wealth messages. For example, do any of the following sound familiar?

Your dreams don't put food on the table. Get a real job.

You can't make money doing that.

Rich people just like to drive around in their fancy cars and brag.

Successful business people have to step on a few heads to get what they want.

These messages were pounded into your head day after day for years. You heard it from your parents, your teachers, your friends and you heard it on TV. Soon you saw rich people as "bad." You saw successful people as the "enemy" who's holding you down.

All your life you've heard that becoming fabulously wealthy is basically a bad thing -- it's no wonder you shy away from getting rich and successful! When you hear something enough, you start to believe it.

That's why I created the Power Marketer's Club. Maybe you weren't born with a million-dollar mindset, but...



And your first step is to claim your free membership below so you can get instant access to the eye-opening video and report. Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find inside:

You'll learn which four mindset factors can make or break your business success and bank account!

You'll discover which mindset factor locks you into stagnant business that refuses to grow!

You'll find out what driving on an unfamiliar road has to do with the size of your bank account!

You'll find out how to recognize and avoid naysayers who want to hold you down like a 2000 pound anchor!

Warning: you'll find out which of your family members, friends and colleagues are secretly planning to sabotage your success!

You'll discover which surprising mindset factor separates the rich and successful from those who'll never pull themselves out of their rut!

And more - once you view the free report and video, you'll finally know how to start thinking like a massively successful and wealthy entrepreneur!

Best of all, you get it all free if you act now...

Ask Me Pro
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Ask Me Pro
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Ask Me Pro is a fully featured professional online survey script with the same power and functionality of the high ticket and monthly fee survey solutions.  It is coded in php with a robust database driven backend, meaning it is very dependable.

Once installed it will take less than one minute to publish your first survey online.

This is easy to do, only takes 30 seconds and full directions are provided.

Here are just some of the features you get with
the powerful 'Ask Me Pro' survey system!

  • Add a survey to any one of your websites in a matter of minutes!

  • Customize the look and feel of your survey to match your site design.

  • Allows you to set multiple question types!

  • Optionally capture the name and email address of every survey respondant!

  • Choose whether you want to allow only one set of responses per person or multiple!

  • Choose whether to allow others to view the responses to the survey or keep the results to yourself.

  • Forward all survey respondants to any webpage you choose. (Great for offering a free gift).

  • Powerful response overview options.

  • Text response analyzer which lists the most popular phrases your respondants use. This enables you to instantly identify popular trends and concerns at a glance!
  • Plus much much more....

15 Niche Website Headers and Footers
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15 Niche Website Headers and Footers
BY:Shem Cruz
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Here are 15 new Niche Website Headers (with matching footers).

No sales page is included, but the graphics to make your own sales page are included.

Halloween Templates and Headers Pack
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Halloween Templates and Headers Pack
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

13 Web 2.0 Halloween Headers
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13 Web 2.0 Halloween Headers
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Okay, so to quickly recap, here's what you're getting today:

  • 13 All Original, Never Before Offered Elsewhere Halloween Headers In Web 2.0 Style

  • Each Of The 13 Headers Come In Both .PNG And .PSD Formats

  • Each Header Also Comes In A "Blank" Style For Easier Editing And Online Site Usage

  • All Special Fonts Used Come Included Free

  • One Special "Resale Rights Terms" .txt File For Easier Reselling And Usage

  • Full Master Resale Rights To The Entire Collection

Public Domain Tycoon
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Public Domain Tycoon
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

If you could gain instant access into the world's largest library of FREE content, that you could use however you wish, how many websites could you create in just a few days?

How much more money would you make, if you had a limitless supply of content that you NEVER had to pay for, that you could sell for 100% profit?

Well, in about 11 minutes from now, you will know exactly how to swipe as much content as you could ever hope for, without having to hire a freelance writer, deal with copyright restrictions, or spend hours painstakingly writing documents and material yourself.

From Today Forward, You will NEVER have a shortage of Products to sell!

You are about to discover one of the best kept secrets of the info product gurus. This closely guarded source of high quality material, is an outright gold mine if you have ever wanted to make money selling high end content from some of the greatest minds in history.

These long lost documents are of incredible value, and hundreds of people spend hours searching for a copy of these books, only to come up empty handed.. but in just a few minutes, you will know exactly where to find these timeless classics and sell them for $25, $50, even $500 each!

Website Flipping Tactics
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Website Flipping Tactics
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

What If I Showed You A Way
To Make Extra Cash "Grow On Trees"
Any Time You Need It?

Well, okay. Not literally growing on trees, of course - but if you're anything like I was, it will feel like that, when you begin to watch your profit rolling in!

It's definitely not rocket science, and you really can learn how in an less than an hour.

In fact, you can start your new sideline (or new main business!) straight away.

I'm talking about selling turnkey website "starter" packages for a profit. Without knowing much about CSS, HTML, PHP - or web design at all.

In my 48-page Special Report, Website Flipping Tactics, I show you how there are 3 easy ways to do it - and you will have a huge advantage: You're privy to knowledge the majority of your competition just hasn't put in place.

Exploiting Ezine Articles
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Exploiting Ezine Articles
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Aspiring Internet Marketer,

Did you know that you could be missing out on tons of traffic, subscribers, and sales right this very moment?

Did you know that you could be increasing your online income by leaps and bounds by exploiting one of the most popular websites on the internet today?

If you haven't figured out which site we're talking about, we'll let you in on a little-known secret that only the top Guru's have been using for their own selfish gain...

It's Called EzineArticles.com!

Some of you may have heard of this powerful online resource from people like Travis Sago, the pioneer of "Bum Marketing."

However, many do not know the stunning, raw, untapped power lying dormant within this simple looking website!

Ezinearticles.com can be used to enrich just about every single aspect of anyone's internet business, including YOURS!

Right now, you might be thinking....

But I'm A Newbie At Online Marketing... I Don't Even Have A Website Or Product Of My Own!

Well, it honestly doesn't matter...

You can exploit this powerful resource to start making money online without a website or product of your own.

Affiliate Army Profits
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Affiliate Army Profits
Product Rights:
Includes Resell Rights

This step by step video series that takes you by the hand and shows you how to not only setup an affiliate program, but how to approach affiliates to promote your product.

This video series is broken into 2 easy to understand steps to add an affiliate program to your product.

Step 1:  Setup your affiliate program.  This will take a bulk of the video series as you not only learn how it works and what's available to you, but most importantly, how to implement the system.

Step 2:  Find affiliates to join your affiliate program.  You will learn strategies to finding affiliates in your niche that will want to promote your product.

Here's a list of this 7 part video series in more detail:

1)  Introduction -
Here you will understand an overview of the video series, free tools you need before moving to video 2, and most importantly basic concepts you need to understand before getting started.

2) How to get setup your sales page, thank you page, and opt in form code -
Before you learn about affiliate platforms that you can use, you need to understand how to get your sales page, thank you page, etc; ready.  Now if you already know how to do this and how to add a button to your sales page, that's fine, you can skip this.  But if you don't, no worries, you won't be left in the dark to find out.

3) Overview of Payment Processors: Clickbank OR PayDotCom
Now that you know how to setup your sales page, thank you page, and opt in forms, let’s talk about affiliate platforms that you can use.  While there are many, I have decided to choose two of the main ones.

Since Clickbank and PayDotCom are both affiliate networks, as a vendor you will have the opportunity to offer an affiliate program, so you can build your army of sales people quickly.  
In this video, you will learn the major differences between Clickbank and PayDotCom, and which one may be best suited for you.

4) How to create a Clickbank Product as a Vendor
By now you've learned what Clickbank is all about.  If Clickbank is your choice, you will learn how to add a product item to your Clickbank account.  You will also learn how to create a Clickbank payment link, which you can add to your salespage.

5) How to Create a PayDotCom Product as a Vendor
If you decided that PayDotCom was the best option for the specific product you are selling, then you'll learn how to add a product to your PayDotCom account.  You'll also learn how to create PDC payment link and how to add that to your salespage payment button.

6) How to Upload All Files, Test it, and Get it Running.
Great! By now you have customized your sales page to your choice of affiliate networks, and it's time to upload the files through FTP.  FTP what?  All FTP means is uploading your files to your website, so I'll show you how to do that with the information your Web Hosting Company provides you.  

Then you'll get to see how to test your own site and affiliate system to ensure it works before you make it live.

7) How to find affiliates to promote your product
Videos 1-6 showed you how to implement the affiliate program into your product sales page.  Now let's take Step 2 of the 2 step process and find business owners that have hungry buyers and prospects looking to grab a piece of your product.

It's not as hard as you think, but it requires you to know how to do it right.

Big Profits From Small Priced Products
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Big Profits From Small Priced Products
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

In Big Profits From Small Priced Products I teach you how to avoid having your customers think that the reason that your product is priced lower is because it is of inferior quality. There are many strategies that you can embrace to ensure that your customers are convinced that they are being offered a super bargain.

By the time you are done reading Big Profits From Small Priced Products you will be absolutely convinced of the advantages of selling low priced products.

The benefits of following the advice in Big Profits From Small Priced Products are ...

Being able to access new customers because you are now more affordable


Being able to sell in volume in order to convert current customers to buying more expensive products down the line


Being able to more easily add a second cheaply priced upsell product to what you are already selling and therefore make more money and as a result be able to upsell to more customers in general


How to use the low priced products to weed out the serious customers from the cheapskates


How to categorize your customers and focus your attention on those who are practically guaranteed to buy from your again


Immediately convert customers to your mailing list because they are impressed at the quality product you are offering at such a low price


You can make extra money by referring your customers to Clickbank to buy materials that are related to your own


Having more independence and savvy when it comes to being absolutely confident about setting your own price points based on the unique needs of your customers


The bottom line is selling low-priced products can make you a lot of money although each initial sale is going to make just a few dollars a time. Nevertheless, low-priced products are the key that opens the door to greater profitability and ultimate online business success.

Brandable Report Creation For Newbies
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Brandable Report Creation For Newbies
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

This video series will show you how to take your report, ebook, or document; and how to make it brandable and profitable for your  affiliates to increase their sales...which then increase your sales.  Not only that, you can take it one step further and combine it with the power of Viral Marketing.

So what's in this video series that will help jump start your sales?

This video series is packed with quick shortcuts that will save you time, with high quality and detailed methods that you'll be able to use for years to come.

Here are the six videos:

1) Introduction - The Right Software Tools:
[5 minutes and 39 seconds]

Creating Brandable reports is actually quite easy.  In this video, you'll get a brief overview of the video series, what you need to know beforehand, and let's not forget...what tools we will be using to accomplish this task.

2) How to add Re-brandable tags to your report, document, etc
[9 minutes and 1 second]

Different branding softwares may be slightly different, but for the most part they use similar tagging methods.  While we will be using one type of brander, you can apply this concept to other types of branders of your choice.  You'll learn how to create basic tags, up to more complex hyperlinked tags such as affiliate links, etc.

3) Convert the report into a correct PDF format
[3 minutes and 23 seconds]

Did you know that there are different types of PDF files?  Well, there are and if you create your PDF in a specific ways, some branders will not be able to fully make a PDF brandable.  No worries though; you will be pointed to a free software to help you create the correct PDF files for this particular purpose of branding.

4) Making the Tagged PDF Report Brandable Ready for Distribution
[2 minutes and 49 seconds]

So once you have created the PDF file, you still need to make the PDF compatible to the software brander.  In this video you'll learn how to do just that, and to make the PDF report or document ready for your affiliates and report sellers to start branding.

5) Viral Marketing: Build Your list and Affiliate Army
[8 minutes and 39 seconds]

Viral Marketing is a powerful type of marketing that if done correctly, will allow you to spread your product, in this case, your report very rapidly.  You will learn several methods and several websites you can apply these methods at, to help give you a jump start to spreading your report like wildfire.  By spreading your report rapidly, you will be able to build your list and affiliate army for years to come.

6) Video For Report Receivers: How to Re-Brand the PDF report
[2 minutes and 33 seconds]

After you create your brandable report or document, you will need to tell those who want to brand your report how to do just that.  You can feel free to give this video to them.  In fact, by giving this particular special video to them, you will lessen your support and they will be able to brand your report quickly and easily.


Power Club Silver Membership
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Power Copy Club Silver Membership
Product Rights:
Personal Use Only

Imagine this...

You've spent weeks working on your product. All those blurry-eyed hours in front of the computer. All those late nights.

All that effort - Then launch day arrives!

Your partners email their lists. With a shaky hand that reveals your nervous excitement, you click the mouse to send an email to your list A deep breath. Your heart pounds - You lean forward in your chair with anticipation...

Minutes tick by: Nothing. An hour is gone - And still nothing happens? You check your live web stats.... Yep people are streaming in like crazy.

You check your payment processor and website... And everything is up and running.

You expected to see a few thousand dollars in your Paypal account by now. But all you're seeing are blanks in the "sales" column.

It's like a ghost town - dead silent. And you're wondering...What Happened to All Your Sales and Money?

And that's when the cold, hard truth hits home Your sales letter STINKS!

Can you imagine the horror?

If you *never* want to be in that situation then I've got a very special gift for you...

EZ Ebook Templates Instruction Manual
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EZ Ebook Templates Instruction Manual
BY:Tracy Yates
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Getting the most out of your EZ Ebook Template collection doesn't have to be a mind scramble. You can do it. And I'm going to help you get the most out of every single EZ Ebook Template you own...Starting right now!

How To Do Everything With Your EZ Ebook Templates is a handy 130+ page PDF instruction manual that walks you through every process of editing any ebook template found inside any EZ Ebook Template package! Whether it's an existing ebook template, or a future ebook template not even thought out yet, this step-by-step guide will tell you exactly what you need to know to become an EZ ebook template pro almost instantly.

Finally, you can take full advantage of every single EZ Ebook Template on the market today...even if you don't know how to open one up!

Sounds like a load of tripe, doesn't it?

Well I assure you, it isn't.

This guide has helped hundreds of people, just like you, that don't know the difference between a Header and a hole in the ground generate their own unique PDF ebooks from an EZ Ebook Template quickly.

Downloading your own copy of How To Do Everything With Your EZ Ebook Templates is like having me standing right next to you as you work with any ebook template I've designed.

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