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Photoshop Secrets
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Photoshop Secrets
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
You’re about to learn some of the secrets and tips to enhance your images, photos and other projects that you are trying to create and make look professional. First, you need to get rid of that software that you’ve been using for years. Besides, it can only do so much for you. A lot of the features that you need are not there. However, there is software that can really enhance your projects and blow them out of the water! Do you know what is is? Drum roll, please.......It’s Photoshop!

Photoshop is the number one graphics software that is used by many graphic designers and artists who want to get their projects just right. This graphics software has everything you need and more!

However, if you don’t know the secrets to getting your projects where you want them to be, then you’re a lost cause. Don’t fret, because it doesn’t have to stay that way. Here is a report that can take you from the beginning to some of the more advanced techniques and methods that you can use to enhance your images and photos. Just think, when your friends and family see your work, they will be more than amazed!

In order to get to that point, you will have to check out this report, “Photoshop Secrets (How To Get Great At Photoshop)” in order to find out the secrets to making your project look as good as the professionals.

Photoshop is not difficult to learn, and with a little practice, you can master it in no time. This report is full of information for you to use in order to get ahead of the game. So don’t waste another minute and go ahead and get this report now before it’s too late! Other people will have beaten you to the learning curve if you wait! You don’t want that, do you?

Turbo Power Graphics 2009
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Turbo Power Graphics 2009
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Right this very second, there could be a visitor on your website who is about to leave because your graphics are sloppy and unprofessional. You could be LOSING MONEY all because of the graphics which rest on your website!

That can all change today, though! With our amazing graphics package, your site will be sharp, attractive and professional – and you will never lose money because of your graphics again!

Research has proven that website visitors are directly affected by the visual aspects of a website. Your website is the first impression visitors get of you, your services or your products. If that impression isn’t good – you ARE LOSING MONEY!

Think about this – if you walked into a grocery store and it was filthy, with dust all over the place and hand-written signs everywhere – you would probably think twice before purchasing from that store.

However, if you walked into a gleaming and bright store, with neat, professional signs and organized merchandise – you’d have no problem shopping there, right? The same goes with your website. You want the visitor to stay and become a customer.

We’re going to ensure that you stop losing money today. Our graphics are top-notch, and we offer 10 different and unique graphics packages – all yours for one low price! Take a look at just what you receive.

 10 Main Sales Pages – unique and beautiful in basic design.
 10 Main Sales Pages with an Opt-In Header – allowing your visitors to quickly and easily leave their contact details while you build your subscriber list.
 10 Thank You Pages – letting your customers know you appreciate their order.
 10 One Time Offer or Special Offer Pages – so you can alert your customers to unique deals and savings or limited opportunities.
 10 Testimonial Boxes in basic design – so your customers will know the level of quality you provide and the level of happiness previous customers have experienced.
 10 Video Testimonial Boxes, beautifully designed and ready for your video testimonials.
 10 Audio and Photo Testimonial Boxes, ready for you to insert your pictures and testimonials of past customers
 10 Squeeze Pages in Basic Designs – all unique and beautiful.
 10 Squeeze Pages Featuring Audio Capabilities, ready for your voice over features.
 10 Squeeze Pages Featuring Video Capabilities so you can enter your introduction or other videos.
 10 Review Pages, allowing you to post reviews of your product so your visitors know the value.
 10 Adsense Ready Pages so you can paste your adsense codes with no problem at all.
10 Sets of Matching Trimmings – including bullets, checkmarks, ‘buy now’ buttons and the blank order buttons.

NOTE: This is a very large download (88+MB) please use a download manager, if you don't have one you can get "Download Accelerator Plus" from the Free member downloads!

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Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

"Now you can create a souped up membership download environment by utilizing one of the missing element that's not included in nearly
ALL membership software!

Powerful and Sleek AJAX based repository software
Auto Thumbnail generation make it simple to identify your files
Feather Light Weight interface with super fast response and no page refresh!
Folders Tree Navigation makes it intuitively easy for every user
Absolutely NO MYSQL configuration required!
Easy 3 steps installation.

Christmas 2008 Template Package
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Christmas 2008 Template Package
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Ready to Make Some Holiday Cash?

There are several ways that this package of Christmas niche templates can help you make money this holiday season...

Holiday Special Offers
How about offering a holiday special to your list? It can be a great way to pass on some savings to others and earn some extra cash for yourself during the holidays!

Holiday Giveaway Events
This is the time of year that many Internet Marketing giveaway events take place. These events are an excellent way to build up your list for the new year. Do it in style with a niche holiday template for your product, squeeze page, and blackened offers.

Niche Holiday Sites
Creating quick holiday niche sites for extra cash is easy with these versatile html templates. Build a niche Christmas shop in minutes using tools like Goldencan and PopShops. Or, promote Christmas CPA offers, "most wanted" toys with affiliate links and more.

3D Animated Sale & Order Graphics
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3D Animated Sale & Order Graphics
BY:Vince Cannon
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Have you been getting tired of the same old graphics for your salespage?

I know I have, so it gave me a great idea. I decided that it was time for a change of scenery so I created my own graphics.

This is a work in progress, but I thought I should give you a sample of what I'm doing. Of course I'd love to be able to just give this set to you, but due to the length of time it takes to create the animated graphics, I have to charge a little for my time.

What you're going to receive is just a small portion of what I'm creating.

I've packaged a set of 20 animations with 8 different fonts, in both Sale and Order graphics.

These graphics loop so your customer will see the emphasis on what you're trying to get across to them.

This package has 320 Graphics in total.

10 Christmas Headers
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10 Christmas Headers
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Christmas is coming and its good time to use christmas graphics as well as sell them.

  • Professionally designed Christmas Headers.

  • Easily add titles and sub-titles.

  • Created with Photoshop CS3.

What exactly Is Included in this Package:


  • 10 PSD Photoshop Christmas Headers. You can Easily edit these headers text without any problem with Photoshop.

  • Added Same 10 .jpg formated Headers for the people who can't use Photoshop.

Christmas Themed Website Graphics
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Christmas Themed Website Graphics
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Are you looking for brand new website graphics at an affordable price to put some extra sparkle into your website this Christmas?  Maybe you would like to spice up your Wordpress blog in time for the party season?  Or maybe you would like to own a brand new pack of website graphics that you can resell and keep 100% of the profit?  

Your Christmas Wish Has Come True!

Brand new from Creative Niche Graphics is this Christmas Minisite pack which comes complete with Master Resale Rights!

So Let's Recap:

You get 7 Minisites Each Including:

Header in .jpg and .psd format,
Footer in .jpg and .psd format;
eBook Graphic
Buy Now button in 2 sizes in .jpg and .psd format;
Testimonial box in .jpg and .psd format;
Background Swatch

You also get 7 Wordpress Templates


A Selection of Website Graphics in .jpg and .psd format in various colours
and sizes so that you can mix and match!

10 Christmas Banners
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10 Christmas Banners
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
Add these banners to your Christmas Graphics collection

Link Directory Submitter
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Link Directory Submitter
BY:Tom Dahne and Paul Martin
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights
We created Link Directory Submitter because we knew that the directory submission process could be made easier and more efficient. we also knew that by increasing the rate of directory submissions at such a phenomenal rate, our customers would have user numbers blowing through the roof!

In essence, my partner and I took a process that is usually accomplished in MONTHS and whittled it down to something that can be done in a few HOURS

Instead of waiting months to generate sales on your site, you can start gaining the hits you want right now. 

So how does this new software work?

Link Directory Submitter is the perfect solution for sending your sites to a multitude of pre-configured online directories. Link Directory Submitter comes with 2700+ link directories to submit to, more than half ranging from PR4 to PR7

Our directory submitter does not contain FFA pages or Link farms. Instead you will find specific, highly targeted directory sites just like DMOZ and many many more.

There are only 3 easy steps required:

· Create a profile (That is, the common data you usually have to repeatedly type by hand: your site address, link title, description, keywords, etc). This is a one-time process.

· Select up to 10 directories at a time that you want to submit to from the list of over 2700+ directories along with a category/subcategory for your site. Link Directory Submitter will fill in all the other details.

NEW FEATURE: Link Directory Submitter will now auto select the category for your website you are trying to submit if you have included them in your website profile.

· Now Press Submit.

· You're all done. 

Poll Creator Prime
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Poll Creator Prime
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

What This Amazing Software Does:

Create an unlimited number of online polls running concurrently
Easily publish a poll on any page or website of your choice using an embedding code function
Instantly view voting responses which are updated real-time
Establishes a sense of importance in your consumers by letting them know their opinions matter


And Much Much More!
Create a customized and professional-looking voting poll for your website in just a few clicks Monitor and analyze polling results which help answer your call to action

3 Audio Squeeze Page Templates
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3 Audio Squeeze Page Templates
Product Rights:
Personal Use Only
This is a brand new template package - and ALL the work has been done for you - all you do is insert YOUR own copy, and add YOUR autoresponder info.
  • HTML
  • High quality blank headers included
  • Professional audio narrated "generic" squeeze page greetings
  • Standard Flash audio format
  • All media and images files are embedded and ready to rock!

  • 3 different graphic sets
  • 3 different color schemes
  • 3 different audios

Adobe Photoshop For Newbies
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Adobe Photoshop For Newbies
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Aspiring Mini Site Creator,

How would you like to be able to create your own professional mini sites in just minutes starting from now... even if you have absolutely no prior graphic design experience, or have failed art class before?

And how would you like to spawn your own countless mini site designs instead of paying a hefty fee of $97 - 197 per mini site package to other designers?

Or better still... acquire the skills to charge other busy webmasters and kick start your online career as a freelancer?

I'm not going to dive into a long sales pitch but I trust you probably know that designing your own graphics is NOT necessarily easy. Depending on how fast you learn, it can take weeks - sometimes even months - to get this new skill down pat.

"Not Everyone Has The Luxury Of Free Time."

You might be a busy Internet Business owner on a budget and prefer to do everything yourself at the moment.

Or you're prospecting the opportunities of earning a part-time income as a freelancer but you're not equipped with any skills to make your own dough just yet.

But if you believe in learning through seeing is the best and fastest form of education then you're going to be in for a breakthrough. Because finally, you don't have to spend painful weeks - or even months - learning by trial and error

How To Create Web 2.0 Graphics Using GIMP
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How To Create Web 2.0 Graphics Using GIMP
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

How would you like to create your own beautiful web 2.0 graphics, icons and buttons - and do all these in just minutes?

Even though you have no previous experience or have never created a piece of JPEG in your life, as long as you can point and click, I guarantee you too will be able to produce professional web design pieces after going through my video tutorials.

I am going to keep this short and snappy so here goes...

I have compiled and released a series of 7 videos - each spanning no more than a few minutes - on how to setup a free software called GNU Image Manipulation Program (or GIMP) - and learn how to:

Make Web 2.0 shiny buttons using GIMP

Create image reflections and shadows

Create Web 2.0-style text logos with shadow reflection

Create awesome web 2.0 striped style header

And Much More...!

"Announcing The Step-By-Step Videos To Creating Your Own Web 2.0 Graphics Using GIMP..."

Interstitial Links Manager
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Interstitial Links Manager
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear NETrepreneur,

Do you think grocery stores lined up the most frequently purchased items at the back of the store for no apparent reason?

Do you think the checkout which was surrounded with displays of sweets and magazines leaving you browsing through them, for the next 5-7 minutes was pure accidental?

The truth is, these stores rely on the fact that most buyers will buy more than they intended to, buy much more than what they have on their list and be seduced into buying sale items because they're on sale.

These same grocery stores have invested millions of dollars in total on researching buying triggers like these to boost profits. It's this form of marketing that works like magic on almost everyone.

Now you might be thinking:

"Of course you can't replicate
that technique online...",

...or can you?

Of course you can't recreate that 3d environment where your buyers can pick things up, walk through aisles. Or the wafting smells of freshy baked pastries....


..you can entice your buyers into buying more products before downloading.


IF you're thinking of One Time Offers which normally means an upsell or a downsell, how about multiplying that same concept to the power of 10 (or more if you'd like)...

Why not? If you can give them the opportunity to browse through other products on special offers, and empowering them with the controls to pause, repeat or skip the offers..it'll be an awesome deal.

But the setback (used to be), there isn't any **simple software** in the market that allows you to do that!

Until today....

Graphics For Halloween
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Graphics For Halloween
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you're looking for brand new website graphics at an affordable price that you can resell for 100% profit, then you have come to the right place!

Brand new from Creative Niche Graphics is this Halloween Minisite pack with extra graphics and which comes complete with Master Resale Rights!

If you are looking to spice up your own website ready for Halloween, have an affiliate program that you want to promote or just looking for something new to sell, this graphics pack is for you.

You Get 7 Minisites Together with a Testimonial Box for each in .jpg format, Header and Footer Graphics in .jpg and .psd and you get the Headers without text so that you can add your own, plus you get two buy now buttons for each Minisite!

You'll also receive some great BONUS graphics!

Killer Text
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Killer Text
BY:Max Rylski
Product Rights:
Includes Resell Rights
Want to spice up your graphics?  One easy way to make any kind of graphics look good is to add cool looking text.  This one change alone can turn a plain boring design into something eye catching.
Let me show you an example.  Which of the graphics below looks better to you?
1. Header with plain text.

2. Header with killer text.


As you can see, both of the headers above are almost the same, the only difference being the text. Doesn't header 2 look much better? The second header looks good enough to be used on an actual site. And as you can see at the top of this page I did use this header on my site :)

The fact is that text plays a major part in any design.  If you have good enough looking text, you don't even need any images.  Killer text will spice up and make any design better.

But it's not that easy to create killer text if you're not a design professional.  I know this from experience, as I used to struggle myself with text in my early days as a designer.

But along the years I've picked up some skills, and created some "shortcuts" for myself to make the text creation and formatting easier.

Basically, killer text boils down to 2 things.  Fonts and Layer Styles.  Combining these 2 things together will create truly eye popping text effects.  And the good news is that I've done the legwork and compiled a nice collection of fonts and layer styles for you to use.

It's really simple to create killer text yourself once you have the proper fonts and layer styles.


Ads In Da Box
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Ads In Da Box
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Ads In Da Box Will Help You:

  • Support for all types of adverts

  • Grouping scheme to classify ads in individual groups.

  • Easy installer with built in FTP

  • Absolutely NO MySQL DB installation required.

  • Produces codes for unlimited rotation of unlimited ads.

  • Ads can be rotated on onsite/offsite web pages

  • View statistics for impressions and clicks

Plus so much more...

123 Go Graphics
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123 Go Graphics
BY:kelly Ifrah
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Tired of finding yourself paying $50.00 to $99.00 per cover designed for your newest digital product? Don't want to wait another minute for your graphic designer to do the cover design work for you? Perhaps you want to do it yourself.

Or do you want to be in business designing covers for other people and rake in easy money? You can create covers for your clients the 123 Go Graphics way and earn whopping $50.00 to $99.00 fees per cover designed. And on top of that, you DON'T need to be superb at creating covers because you'll have a "system" all in place to do the work for you while you simply pont and click!

Lucrative, isn't it?

Then you must read the rest of this letter.

You see, digital products are created around the clock. This includes E-books, software, templates, videos, audios, and the such. Regardless of what niche these products are created for, they each need to dress to impress - especially if their creators want to make a killing by selling their products online.

You could also say that every digital product needs a "face" for their prospects to look at. This is true because since digital products cannot be touched, felt or smelled like their physical counter parts, the only thing that can make them attractive is their visual appearances.

While it's a given that a good sales letter plays a very critical role in selling a product, but if your digital product doesn't have a cover to appeal to your prospect, chances are still almost zero in selling to him or her. All in all, It's very hard to be convinced of something good that you cannot see.

And that's exactly how important having your own professional product cover is.

FormFilla Pro
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FormFilla Pro
Product Rights:
Includes Master Resell Rights

Just A Few Examples Of What FormFilla
Can Do For You Instantly!

Quotation request forms
If you are a service provider, the most crucial item for you is to allow your prospects to leave you information on what they need so that you can grab the specific information, then reply them with a quote for the service, that you will be rendering. Using emails and informing them of the type of details that you need is a thing of the past because with FormFiLLa, you're able to capture exactly what you need!

Feedback and contact forms
It's a sure must have and no questions about that! Why not let your customers contact you easily with a customized feedback or contact form!

Job application forms
Do you have job positions open? If not then you do need to outsource your projects from time to time right? Why not build a customized, laser targeted detailed form so that you can have the information you need before you decide on the candidates! And you can even let them upload their resumes with the handy file uploader!

File Uploader
Do you do freelance design or maybe you would like to have your customers upload stuffs so that you can review them later? With the file uploader feature you can have that and more!!

Coupon discount forms
Ask your prospects to fill up a form and while you capture their details and information, they get to have a discount just for doing that! A perfect win-win solution!

Pre-Qualifying Landing Pages
I am sure you have seen this before...remember those type of landing pages where they ask you a series of questions, only after clicking the submit button, you will get to see the sales copy? What it actually does is reinforce the prospect's position to buy through the rules of commitment and consistency! It also acts as a filtering process where only serious buyers proceed! With FormFiLLa doing this is a breeze!

Just take a look at the added options and features I have crammed into this system for you...

Spambot protection
Have no worries about spambots spamming your database! FormFiLLa comes with an option that allows you to enable CAPTCHA protection as easy as a single click!

Intuitive form manager
Using a centralized form management system allows you to view ALL your forms over different websites easily! It's designed to be non-cluttering and non confusing so that you can easily manage the results submitted by your visitors!

User friendly interface
It's simply impossible to get lost in this tested and tried system configured to get you set up fast and simple. No need to learn any web programming language.

Option to save to database or have 'em send to your email
You can choose to save it your database or send to your email without any any hassles! You can also choose to have the submissions sent to both your Database and your email address at the same time!

Form field validation
Implement a rule for the fields to be filled before submission with a single click of the mouse!

Neat desktop installer
Ultimately easy configuration with the desktop installer! Just a few steps and the script is configured. Then just upload it to your site and VOILA....FormFiLLa is ready for action!

Supports various field types
Choose and combine between 7 field types and customize your forms to collect the information you need!

Easily integrates with your current site's theme
Each form you create can adapt to your current website's theme! No restrictive CSS or coding, just pop the code into your web page and it's done!

File uploader
Allow your customers, prospects, visitors to upload files (any files) to your server and you can easily review it later!

Multiple forms on multiple websites on one single installation
You host the sites! No subscriptions! No multiple purchase for multiple websites! All forms easily stored on one centralized FormFiLLa location!

Absolutely no MySQL configuration required!
Don't you hate it to configure your MySQL and create a database for your scripts! What if you've already used up all MySQL Databases allowed by your web host? Well, with FormFiLLa, you can put all those worries aside because you can kiss any MySQL configs goodbye as FormFiLLa does not need one at all!

...Plus, So Much More Than Can Be Added Here!

Tiger Project Manager
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Tiger Project Manager
Product Rights:
Includes Resell Rights

"Now You Can Treat Your Business Like A Business And Increase Your Profits All At The Same Time."

If you are like me, then you know how many ideas and niches there are just waiting to give you loads of cash.  The problem is there isn’t enough time in the day to continue tapping these cash machines.   

Let’s face it, time is money.

 I finally developed my own easy management system that allows me to keep on top of several projects so easily it really makes life so much better.  The software that was developed was created to be as simple as possible giving even my father a chance to make money online.  Believe me, if my father can use this software than anyone can.

Let me introduce you to Tiger Project Manager.

Now you can add as many projects and project tasks you can think of.  See all projects and tasks on one screen giving you a bird’s eye view as well as the detail needed to complete those projects as fast as possible.  Get those projects out before a competitor beats you.

It doesn’t get any easier than this my friend. 

    • Manage unlimited projects.
    • Create unlimited project tasks for each project.
    • Keep track of project and project task by setting different statuses.
    • Use the many internet marketing task types built in.
    • View the task timeline keeping you on time and within budget to maximize your profits.
    • View project budget and timeline charts that can be saved in html, mht, pdf and excel.
    • View project task budgets and timelines that can be saved in html, mht, pdf and excel.

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